Main Job of a Family Paralegal

Generally, the family law offices are fast paced work environments full of emotionally distraught clients and constant deadlines. Therefore, starting from the initial intake to the final hearing, the family law paralegal Toronto has so many responsibilities like as the preparation of petition, motion practice, discovery, witness location, client communication and investigation.

What a family law paralegal actually does?

  • Preparation of petition and motion practice: Once a client hires the attorney of the firm where the family law paralegal Toronto works, the paralegal calendars hearings, which have been scheduled and therefore prepares initial responses and/or pleadings and also files everything with the court.
  • Client intake: This job of a Toronto paralegal starts with talking to the prospective clients, answering the phone, collecting basic information, answering question and scheduling a session of consultation with an attorney.
  • Client communication: Most of the family law paralegals also need to communicate with the clients on a daily or weekly basis throughout the entire case length.

Other duties:

  • Discovery and Investigation: Sometimes, child custody and support need investigation into the details of both the parties like as incomes, assets, expenses, lifestyles and habits. Collecting all these details and facts, conducting discovery, lining up witnesses and preparing appropriate correspondence and pleadings is a job, which falls to the Toronto paralegal in the family law office.
  • Filing and Organizing: Often family law practices generate a big amount of paperwork. Discovery requests, pleadings, income tax returns, docket sheets, asset and debt lists and appraisals, medical bills and client correspondence should be filed properly and then should be kept in an organized manner, which allows the staff members and attorney to locate the required information fast.
  • Administrative Tasks: As the family law attorneys spend a good time in the court, therefore the family law paralegals need to perform different administrative tasks like as collecting the mail of attorney from the courthouse, shopping for the office supplies, billing and cleaning out and also closing the old client files, collecting the mail of the attorney from the Courthouse.
  • Research and Writing: Like as other fields of law, the family law paralegals assigned various tasks on the basis of their experience and skills. As they gain more experience, they are being assigned more legally substantial work. Family law paralegals with few years of experience need to perform the jobs like writing memorandum and briefs, conducting legal research and helping the attorney in the court.