Recruitment Agencies Help Lawyers Get Good Jobs Fast

During your job search, has it ever felt like you were missing connections left, right, and centre? You’ve had call backs, interviews, and even secondary interviews, but they’ve all resulted in the same outcome. You aren’t quite right for the job. After rejection after rejection, you can start to wonder what exactly makes a candidate ‘right’ for the job. You have the education, experience, and skillset that fit the position’s requirements, after all. How much more training and ability do you need to land a job?


If you’ve ever wondered who in Toronto is edging you out for all of the legal positions you’ve applied for, the answer is much simpler than you think. You won’t need to upgrade your education, settle for unpaid co-op positions, or leave for a city much smaller than Toronto. Sometimes all that’s setting you apart from the people who are actually landing jobs is a legal recruitment agency.

Legal recruitment agencies are specialized firms engaged with the city’s best legal minds. As former lawyers themselves, they have a unique understanding of the legal job market; they also have an extensive list of contacts and resources to help find you a job. Some of these jobs aren’t even advertised through the regular channels you find yourself scrutinizing, as a legal recruiter Toronto trusts has an insider’s edge, letting them know about job opportunities before they hit the job boards.

Legal recruitment agencies also have a better understanding of what an employer needs from their new employee. With this true knowledge of the requirements of the position, you can finally have the competitive edge over the other candidates. Often their valuable advice is tailored to the specific positions you’ve applied for, and they’ll share it during one-on-one meetings; however, some of the top tips that a legal recruiter can provide can be found online, like at This blog keeps current with changing legal practices and evolving hiring techniques, and their posts can help you beat out the competition.

Legal recruiters can also:

    • offer law firms or business entities seeking long or short term legal experts (like contracted attorney or support staff).
    • Use headhunting techniques to find qualified personnel for open positions.
    • Establish partnerships between law firm’s new operating platform.
    • Provide opportunities to individuals seeking new employment opportunities.
    • Provide business opportunities to law entities seeking new opportunities (like mergers and joint ventures).
    • Provide assistance to organizations seeking a general counsel, an associate counsel, or an associate general counsel.

If you’re tired of going through interview after interview, only to hear that you didn’t get the job, it’s time that you change your approach. Get the professional advice of the best legal recruiters Toronto has to offer. With their expertise and connections, you’ll finally start making headway in your job search. Instead of ‘you’re not quite what we’re looking for’s you’ll be getting ‘when can you start?’s.