Dangerous Intersections in CA Infographic

Whether you are a California native or a visitor looking to explore what the Golden State has to offer, traveling safely means understanding the way that foot traffic, local city planning, and the nature of a large and populous city or state impact the options for travel. If you are in any of California’s four largest metropolitan areas, that has to mean being conscientious about particularly dangerous intersections and other possible pitfalls. Whether you are driving, riding along, or using transportation like local buses, these tough traffic spots can prove dangerous. Especially since some of them are also among the most dangerous intersections in America. Find out what you need to know to be safe as you plan your way around the busiest traffic spots in the state.

Dangerous Intersections in CA Infographic

Tough Doesn’t Mean ‘Don’t Report An Injury’ at Work

A lot of people talk about how workplace injuries are typically the fault of one type of employee or one type of manager that doesn’t create a safe enough environment for people to work in. Yet although almost all workplace injuries are unplanned, there is often pressure on both the injured and those they report to to seek the best possible outcome for the incident. That pressure in turn sometimes causes people to try and block information that can be important from being brought up.

Because someone like a workers comp attorney NJ is available to most workers, finding someone that can help ensure that the right outcomes are achieved is usually just a phone call away.

Here are some situations that started out wrong, but got put back on track after attorneys were contacted:

Angry Chicago Man: One worker was asked to document a process and save the form in duplicate for a different boss. Several months after they did so, they were called into the file archives with the agitated boss, who accused them of losing all the documents. They opened the file drawer an noted that someone had stolen the first copy. The second copy had been hidden in the file behind the first file as was customary in that difficult environment. So the employee pulled the second file and showed the boss that it was there. The boss realized that the employee was not liable for any of the problems that had been blamed on his department. He slammed the file drawer on the hand of the employee, causing it to be sprained and start bleeding. The employee was concerned that his hand would not heal. He contacted an attorney and did a free consult. What he learned was that as his hand was healing, there was no need to file a claim. He didn’t experience any further trouble. The boss ended up taking 6 months of medical leave for a stress condition covered by a form of workers comp.

Sciatic discovery: Another worker whose company found out it was being bought by a rival company suddenly experienced back pains that precluded a return to work for the duration of the takeover. As it worked out that the company was giving out payouts to those that would be laid off, workers compensation was initially used in order to get back treatment started for the employee. The company called their lawyer and they sent out a private investigator to verify that the back injury was indeed real. And although they were able to show that the injury likely occurred outside of work, the severity of the injury remained something they did not question. After the company purchase closed, the temporary workers comp was ended and the former worker went on to work for another company without any further problems. The lawyer at the company ended up being able to be persuasive without really angering any of the parties.

Workers compensation is one area where employees will rarely hear a lot of good advise from a company regarding how to use it. Surprisingly enough, most workers would prefer not to ever need it. But if it does become a problem for yourself or someone you know, remember that reporting what occurred is the most important thing that you can do to set the record straight.

Support Your Children Through a Divorce

If your life is suddenly consumed with a divorce, you are likely discovering that life can come at you in all different directions.

That said a divorce becomes even more of a challenge when you have children involved.

In a fair amount of cases, a divorce can prove rather amicable between parting husband and wife. Oftentimes, however, the divorce goes from bad to worse in about zero to 50. When that happens, it is the children who oftentimes feel the brunt of the negative energy being fostered by one or both parents.

Supporting your children through a divorce is not just an emotional matter, but also literally a financial one.

So that you and your children can get through what will likely be one of the most challenging times in your lives, make sure you don’t take on the fight by yourself.

In hiring a family law attorney, you can better position yourself and your children to receive what is rightfully yours.

So, where do you start?

Making Sure You Are Not Cheated

In order to make sure you are getting support in a child custody battle, remember these tips:

  1. Custody – For starters, will you or your soon-to-be ex-husband likely be splitting custody or will one have primary oversight over the children? In the event your husband or wife makes much more than you do, most courts would lean towards making sure the individual provides their fair share of child support. At the end of the day, the most important factor to come into play is that children are properly provided for, noting everything from food to clothing to shelter. If your husband or wife scoffs at providing financial support, this is where a family law attorney and the courts become so crucial. Both can “encourage” your husband or wife to meet their financial responsibilities when it comes to the children. If they do not, they could be ordered to do so by the courts;
  2. History – All marriages have a history unto them, be it a good one or bad one. If there is any evidence to show that your partner has had issues with money, their temper, their ability to hold down a job etc. remember to bring these matters up with both your divorce attorney and the court. It is important that all the facts are put out there for all to see. If you and your family have been living a certain lifestyle up to this point, it is not realistic to think that you can go from say $200,000 a year in annual income to maybe $40,000 a year annual income on your salary alone. Also be careful that your partner is not trying to hide money in any unknown accounts, tax shelters etc. If they are, they could get away with not holding up their financial responsibilities to your children;
  3. Going forward – As you move forward and come to terms with the fact the family is ending (at least in terms of all living under one roof), it is important to do whatever is best to keep the children happy and focused on their own lives. From school to maintaining friendships, kids need to know that their worlds are not coming crashing down around them. Yes, things will be different, but you need to do your best to maintain as much normalcy as possible. If you don’t, you could find your children suffering in terms of grades in the classroom, interacting with other children, wanting to do anything other than stay around the home etc. If necessary, you may decide it is time to seek counseling, though it is not something that you should ever force a child into.

If divorce is staring you in the face, meet it head-on by doing what is best for your children.

Keep in mind that your child or children likely never wanted to see you and your partner split.

The bottom line is it happens each and every day, so families must decide how best to handle it, especially when children are young and impressionable.

The best thing you can do during these trying times is to support your children as much as humanly possible.


Should I Ask For a Prenup?

You’re getting married, so surely you should be able to trust your partner about money matters. Don’t only millionaires need prenuptial agreements? Those assumptions are wrong. Prenuptial agreements used to be associated with the very rich, but they are becoming much more common among ordinary, middle-class working people, and for good reasons.

Marriages End

Nobody can guarantee that any marriage will last until death parts the pair. It stands to reason that a prenuptial agreement will take a little of the potential bitterness out of divorce. The law doesn’t always say what most people think, and it varies between states, so the parties’ expectations of a fair settlement can be completely different. If it’s in black and white, the scope for argument is cut down.

With re-marriage being so common, there’s another reason to think about a prenuptial agreement in a second or subsequent marriage. People legitimately want to protect their assets for their own children, in case an ex-spouse forms a new partnership and the new partner or their children’s claims are put first. Things can get very complicated, so it’s much better to know where everyone stands.

Times Are Uncertain

This is an age of anxiety. The world seems to lurch from crisis to crisis. In a society where inequality is increasing, people feel more inclined to seek security. If one of the future couple stands to inherit a valuable property, they may want to ensure it stays in their family and passes down to their children, rather than being up for grabs in a divorce, leaving their children without protection in an unpredictable future.

The Need to Know

The prenuptial agreement doesn’t only come into play in the event of a split. It can be important in ensuring that each marriage partner understands the other’s point of view on shared finances during the marriage. Will they pool their resources and have a joint bank account? Who will look after any children, and at what point in time will that person be expected to go back to work, if ever? The partners may have unexamined assumptions about those things which should be clear before they commit.

There’s a natural reluctance to face up to these issues at the start of a marriage, when everyone assumes that that life will be rosy. But the partners may have different expectations, depending partly on how they have been raised, and the more they know about what the other one expects from marriage, the better.

Seeing an attorney and facing up to the questions that have to be answered in drawing up a prenuptial agreement should help couples to understand each other, and if that pushes them apart, rather than making them feel closer, it could be a sign that a permanent commitment isn’t a great idea.

Top Reasons Why Hiring A Professional And Well Experienced DUI Lawyer Makes Sense!

DUI (Driving under Influence) can sometimes lead to more serious consequences if not handled professionally. Many people fail to realize its serious implications. Sometimes, it can haunt you for really long time.

No matter whether it is for the first time that you are arrested on driving while intoxicated charges or facing repeated charges, you should never attempt to handle such matter without the professional legal advice. The professional and experienced DUI Attorney plays a very important role in such matter.

If you are still not convinced, the following reasons will make you understand the importance of hiring a well qualified DUI lawyer. These reasons are really worth consideration.

Management of the entire process carefully

Being a resident of Miami, dealing with such kind of offense can prove to be complicated as well as time-consuming. However, a qualified DUI attorney Miami makes the overall process manageable by completing all the paperwork, representing you at suspension hearing for the license, handling the phone calls, and making other important arrangements.

All such things may easily be mishandled if someone, who is unaccustomed to administrative side of law, tries to deal with it. An expert DUI lawyer is familiar with all the local authorities and prosecutors in your area and knows the best arguments to win.

Professional and Expert Evaluation of your Case

No two cases can ever be similar. Every case has its own unique circumstances depending on state you live in and the outcomes of driving and drinking can vary greatly. Many solicitors work exclusively on the matters related to DUI and are experienced about the entire process.

They can help you in educating you on the hidden options that you may even not know about. A professional DUI lawyer will become authority on your particular case and will make you understand the jail time or possible fines that you can face if your case further proceeds to the trial.

Your lawyer will be able to tell you how some particular consequences in your state that you live in can affect you and will let you know if you will be eligible for some special programs including community service in exchange of some harsh penalties. Hiring a DUI lawyer Miami ensures you that you will have an expert on your side that really understands all the legal aspects and be there for you during the entire process.

Plea Bargaining and Sentence Bargaining

In case, it is your first offense, it may be a wise idea to plead guilty depending on some of the facts of the case. Your lawyer will help you in making the most wise and informed decision depending on your case. He or she would also offer you important advice on how you can reduce your charges by plea-bargaining.

Apart from plea-bargaining, it might even be possible to use sentence bargaining where you plead guilty in lieu for lesser sentence. This needs a professional and experienced lawyer to help you find out what sentence you may get exactly in case you plead guilty for the charge.

Regardless of the severity of your case, hiring a professional and expert DUI lawyer from Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. can make a huge difference for your case. Visit their website to get the best legal advice in town!

What is Conveyancing Software and Why Do You Need It? 

Conveyancing can be complicated enough without having to deal with outdated methods of tracking paperwork and communicating with your clients. Every client has a cost associated with them whether it’s from effective advertising to attract their attention, or hiring and training excellent staff to serve them. Conveyancing software gives you an efficient and reliable way of ensuring everyone is doing what they need to do, protecting your investment and helping you get the best possible outcome for your client.


Most conveyancing is done at a fixed price so the more efficiently you carry out the service, the greater your profit margin. Conveyancing software helps eliminate cross-messages, mistakes, and lost contact information to ensure your staff can access the correct information when they need it. There’s no time wasted leaving messages on out-of-date numbers, your team can easily communicate with each other, with your clients, and with local authorities and other professional bodies.

Fast to Train and easy to Use

A software system that is laborious and complicated will lie dormant and unused by staff. Redbrick Solutions Practice Management software is a fantastic example of how clever doesn’t have to mean complicated. The workflows mirror conveyancing best-practices, and the layout of the user-interface is clean and logical. The intuitive design means that not only will you not waste time and money training users, but that it will swiftly become a part of your office’s accepted work practice.

Keeps Clients in the Loop with Minimal Effort

Communication is key in any service industry, and especially so in the legal arena where clients have significant financial and emotional investment in the outcomes. Proactive communication is crucial to customer satisfaction so choose a software package which allows your client to be automatically notified at specific points in the process by SMS, letter, or email.

What to Look For in Conveyancing Software

There are several key elements to look for when considering practice management software:

  • Ease of Use and an uncluttered Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • The ability to customise calendars and set up alerts for deadlines
  • Integration with your existing databases such as Veyo and Microsoft office products, including importing your standard letters
  • Automated functions including populating fields in regularly used templates and forms, and client letters and texts.
  • Cost recording and billing
  • Shared calendars across your team

In addition to giving you the ability to streamline your business costs without compromising on delivering a high standard of service, conveyancing management software will also provide you with a complete history of every communication relating to a case and make audits swift and painless.

An easy mistake to make when buying new conveyancing software is not to consider how it will integrate with other systems you use. This is particularly important if you have Business Intelligence Software (BIS) as it will need to be able to access the data and report on it. Allow enough time to implement your new solution and train staff on it so everyone is confident they are making the most of all the features you have paid for.

It can also help to have input from key staff members who will be using the software on a daily basis not only to have the benefit of their experience when making a decision but also tgain their trust in and acceptance of the change you are making.

Brazilian’s Push for Legal Abortion Access Due To Zika Viruses New Reality

Spreading rapidly, and reaching the ends of the earth, Zika is a new virus that is causing significant concern for health officials. It isn’t just that it causes symptoms that are similar to yellow fever and can be very disconcerting for special populations, it is specifically for the consequences that it may have for growing fetuses.


The Zika virus is creating not only concern for the health of unborn children; it is stirring debate about what options women who are carrying children’s choices will be should there be damage to their unborn fetuses.

The Zika virus is a newly identified illness, which up until recently, was being all but ignored by the world medical community. With four out of five of those who contract it not showing any symptoms, it was widely believed to be nothing short of an inconvenience. When it was linked to birth defects, the global community finally started listening to those in Brazil who have had grave concerns for many months now.

The Zika virus is implicated in birth defects such as microcephaly in once healthy fetuses. Microcephaly is a condition which is characterized by a smaller than normal brain size. It can lead to mental delays, and in some cases, very limited abilities in children born with it.

A condition that can be diagnosed in utero, for some women there may be options available for those who don’t want to continue on with an unhealthy fetus. In Brazil, that may not be the case. One of the hardest hit regions with Zika to date, there are very stringent laws on abortion in Brazil.

Activists around Brazil and a civil rights attorney Philadelphia, are petitioning for more relaxed rules for those of the Zika virus for which damage has been indicated in their pregnancy. There are fears abound that if a pregnant woman becomes pregnant and succumbs to the Zika virus, her options may be limited. Due to those growing fears many are opting not to become pregnant.

Abortion in Brazil is only legal to save the life of the mother or in cases where rape has occurred. Having a baby with malformations, or birth defects, would not fit within the parameters of reasons a woman may decide to terminate a pregnancy. That is causing great stress for those who are pregnant and those who wish to become pregnant.

The only exception to the abortion law was enacted in 2012 when anencephaly, a condition where a fetus is devoid of brain matter, was adopted into the parameters of allowable conditions for abortion. Since the fetus would die soon after birth, it was an addition to the allowable petition for an abortion.

Studies indicate that as many as one in five women in Brazil engage in illegal abortion activities against the state, which is putting many women in danger. Not being regulated, many may endanger themselves to abort a baby that has damage sustained due to contraction of the Zika virus. Making matters worse, statistics show that of those who engage in illegal abortion, as many as half of them will end up in the hospital with other post-surgical consequences.

Many women who contract the Zika virus are completely unaware. Without symptoms, there is no way to detect whether you have been infected or not, which is only further causing hysteria in Brazil and around the world. Many proponents believe that there should be screening for the virus adopted within prenatal medical care.

The problem is that if there aren’t any options for those who are found to have contracted it, and the babies who are affected by it, finding out is nothing more than a punishment. Without any options, screening for it seems to be nothing more than a cruel way to anticipate the worst for those who have been infected.

Whether laws will open up to include the consequences of the Zika virus is left to be determined. What is for sure is that this virus is spreading around the world and is likely to open the debate about women’s health and abortion rights worldwide. Not many nations allow for the systematic abortion of fetuses. This virus will test the resolve of pregnant women, women’s rights advocates, and medical professionals around the globe.

Conveyancing Case Management Software Benefits

The buying of a new property can be a stressful time for clients, and even if the purchase is a smooth process, they will want regular updates and constant communication. With dozens, or hundreds, of cases on the go at any time, and all at various stages of the conveyancing process, it can prove difficult to accurately manage the cases, and to provide timely updates, without the assistance of professional and high quality conveyancing case management software.

Such software not only provides reminders, but can automatically communicate with clients, reduce the time you spend completing and compiling paperwork, and ensure smooth workflow throughout the conveyancing process.

Save Time

Conveyancing case management software can save you time in many ways. It is used to automate a lot of the tasks that you undertake on a daily basis, and with automation comes time saving. You can prefill document templates, entered data can populate all of the relevant sections and tables of the database, and you can concentrate your efforts on the vital, daily tasks associated with conveyancing.

Hit Deadlines

Deadlines are vital in conveyancing. If you are late making an application to the Land Registry, or you provide details late to the mortgage company, then this can negatively impact on the house purchase and its deadline. Conveyancing case management software not only automates many of the tasks required, but it can automatically provide deadline reminders, let you know what needs completing by when, and even send updates to clients and other interested parties.

Provide Regular Updates

Clients do require regular updates – they need to know that the process is ongoing and that things are going as smoothly as possible. However, it isn’t just clients that require updates. Solicitors, estate agents, mortgage companies, and even land registry and other property databases also require regular communication. Effective case management software not only facilitates effective communication, but can automatically send SMS and email updates, and remind relevant conveyancing parties that communication is required.

Provide Additional Moving Features

Some of the most effective software offers assistance in other areas of the moving process. By extension, this means that you can provide clients with access to information on changing energy supplier, ensuring that the council is aware of address changes, and more. With the introduction of Alternative Business Structures (ABS), many legal and conveyancing firms offer these additional services, and can increase their profit by providing supplementary services. Choosing the right case management software enables you to provide extra value added services to your clients, improving customer retention and encouraging word of mouth marketing.

Easily Locate Forms And Complete Searches

A lot of the conveyancing process requires extensive administrative work. Whether it is completing land registry search forms, or writing letters to solicitors and estate agents, it is important that this work is completed accurately and on time, but even the same stage of the same process may require communicating with different land registry authorities, or different local councils. Use your conveyancing case management software to determine which authorities you need to contact, to see the appropriate contact details, and even to automate some of the communication process.

Redbrick Solutions provides high quality and effective conveyancing case management software, which includes online end-client access to additional value added features, and the automation of many different conveyancing procedures and processes.

Get Best Legal Help from Jeremy Diamond Lawyer

In case you have faced very problematic or traumatic accident or know somebody from your family who has faced it, then you have come to the just place. As it’s obvious, accidents are undoubtedly a very serious issue. This is precisely the reason why you should search for a very professional, skilled and if possible, award-winning personal lawyer so that he or she can handle your case patiently. You can get proper help from any metropolitan city since every city contains some of these lawyers. Among these places the best places to get good lawyers are Ontario and Ottawa and so on.

Do You Actually Need to Go for a Famous Lawyer?

You need to calculate and put your trust on the persons you know, to be honest, sincere, skilled, especially when the thing is about handling the legal matter. It is very common to get tricked or cheated by several websites, and you can get easily confused when the choices are absolutely overwhelming. That is why you need to do really good research so that you get to know about the great professional personal injury lawyers from the places around your location. Among many lawyers, one of the great ones is Jeremy Diamond Lawyer, who can be considered as absolutely brilliant.

Who Is Jeremy Diamond?

In 2008, Jeremy Diamond was presented to the Bar. He practices in the locality and are of Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation. Besides this, he was called to the State Bank of Florida also in 2002. From that, he has been practising as the personal injury attorney in Florida and Ontario.

During his student life, he did his Bachelors from York University, Arts department, in 1995. He was known to have a very special interest in psychology. He obtained his Juris Doctoris in 2001 from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and after that attended Osgoode Hall Law School.

The working area of Jeremy is very vast, and he works with different companies of different shapes and size and natures. Since 1996 he has been working and, of course, is very much experienced in the field of personal injury. As it’s obvious, he is quite an experienced person, and his experience varies from accidents between motor vehicles to other things. His expertise in representing the victim is also quite well-known. Currently, he has been working with Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Solicitors from 2008 in Toronto.

What Are the Top Skills?

Let’s take a look at the top skills of Jeremy Diamond Lawyer.

  • He has knowledge and skill in personal injury
  • Interest about Automobile accidents and litigations and so on.
  • Knowledge and skill in Civil Litigation and Personal Dispute.
  • Besides this, he also knows about Insurance Law, Product liability, Dispute Resolution and so on.

You must look for this lawyer because of his skills, education as well as expertise. You can contact him through Phone or Chat. This is a very affordable too unlike the other lawyers.

Crucial Factors to Remember When Hiring a Private Jet Charter

Flying has become a very common mode of transportation these days as it allows people to get from one place to the next at a much faster rate compare to other modes of transportation. Still, there is the fact too that one will usually have to ensure long queues in the airport and have to abide by the traveling time of these aircrafts when going to a destination, for the people who are constantly on the rush and would want to skip the whole hullabaloo, a UK private jet charter would be a very attractive prospect.

What you are getting by renting out a chartered flight is you get to rent out the entire aircraft as opposed to just renting out a seat as is common in regular air travels. This option has since been the preference of a lot of people who can afford the price and at the same time, who would not want to have to deal with the things that passenger of regular air travel have to deal with. This way they can easily get to their respective destinations faster.

One of the best things about these kinds of flight arrangements is that one does not really have to be in a long term commitment with the provider of the chartered transport when taking advantage of it. This means that one is not held by a contract to always rely on these carriers every time since there is no need to commit long term to them. One can choose to hire them now and choose not to deal with them again in the long run if he chooses to.

It is important that one will consider the qualifications of the charter operator if he is intent on taking advantage of the service. To make sure that you are indeed referring to the right people, to legitimate operators, see to it that they have the necessary credentials to prove their perorations. Being aware of the regulations set by your state as far as these modes of transportation go will definitely help you identify the right companies quite effectively.

Expect to pay a little higher when taking advantage of these kinds of flights too. You will be renting out the entire aircraft for the entire trip. So, it makes sense that you are going to be charged a good figure for this purpose. Also, it helps when you will consider what you are getting in exchange for what you are paying for as well. You would expect the best when it comes to comfort, ease and luxury for the entire duration of the trip.

Do find the right operators where you are. If you have never chartered a private jet before, then you can always ask around for suggestions, referrals coming from people that have tried out the same setup before will be very helpful. So, consider their suggestions when making your choice, they should be very helpful toward helping you find the right kind of people that you are supposed to be dealing with this time. With their help, getting the right aircraft with the right arrangements will be easier for you to do.