3 Essential Tips for Hiring the Right Lawyer

When you’re facing criminal charges or even a divorce, it can make a world of difference to have a capable lawyer on your hands. However, the thought of having to hire a lawyer might make you hold onto your wallet a little tighter. The fact of the matter is, a good lawyer is likely to be more helpful in achieving the outcome you desire than if you go it alone. Here are three essential tips you need to understand when you hire a lawyer.

  1. Understand the Costs Involved

There are some circumstances where you might be able to receive legal services for free. In many cases, however, lawyers do charge a fee. Some will offer their services and not charge you anything unless you win or settle your case. It’s important that you understand the many different costs involved with hiring a lawyer. Retainer fees keep your lawyer available to you if you need him or her, but it does not necessarily pay them for the services they perform when needed. There are also generally consultation fees, which means you are charged money every time you meet and speak with your lawyer. If you wish to understand all of the fees involved for your lawyer of choice, just ask upfront. It’s better to clear the air now than deal with a surprising bill later.

2   Research Your Options

There are many different lawyers out there, and some tend to work in specific areas of law. You might hire a different attorney for a criminal case than you would for a child support case. Take the time to research the lawyers who practice in the area of law you need. Be sure to also get referrals from family members, websites, and even other attorneys if necessary.

3  Take Advantage of Free Consultations

Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation. This means the first time you meet with him or her is free of charge to you. Once you narrow down your choice and find a lawyer you think you might like to hire, schedule a free consultation (if he or she offers them) to discuss your case. Don’t feel pressured to hire the lawyer then. Take your time to think about it before making your decision.

4  Choose Carefully

Keep in mind that good and ethical lawyers will not seek you out. Be wary of lawyers who show up in your hospital room after an injury or those who call you after an accident looking to represent you. You should be the one to find and hire your lawyer. You can get help from friends, family, or even your community if you need it. Think carefully over all of your options and choose the one you think will best help you with your case.

Mesothelioma Treatment Options

In the US, asbestos is responsible for over 4000 deaths every year. These deaths are generally from older Americans who have been exposed to asbestos over long periods of time and have developed one of the fatal diseases attached to that exposure. Younger people, if routinely exposed to asbestos fibers over time, are also at risk of developing asbestos-related disease with exposure usually take anywhere from 15 to 60 years to develop. Continued exposure creates a cumulative effect, as the asbestos fibers never get removed from the body.

Breathing in asbestos causes asbestos fibers to be trapped in the body, primarily in the lungs and breathing tubes. These fibers cause cell damage resulting in cancerous tumors and major health issues. Here are the four major ones:

  1. Mesothelioma is a type of a cancer that attacks the lining of the lungs. It is a rare disease – incidence is 1 in every 100,000 for males and 0.3 in every 100,000 for females. This disease typically takes 20-50 years to appear, with the highest risk around 30-35 years after exposure. Mesothelioma is always fatal and is almost exclusively caused by exposure to asbestos.
  2. Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer is a part of the large group of lung cancers. Asbestos induced tumors obstruct the airways and it eventually becomes fatal. Smoking multiplies by 10 the risk of death due to lung cancer for asbestos workers.
  3. Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease that can lead to respiratory impairment and diseases such as lung cancer. Asbestosis causes widespread interstitial fibrosis (scar tissue between the alveoli in the lungs).
  4. Diffuse Pleural Thickening is a thickening of the membrane surrounding the lungs. When this disease advances it can restrict lung expansion to the point the patient cannot breathe.

Diagnosis of Mesothelioma Remains Steady in the US

Mesothelioma typically develops after people are exposed to asbestos in the workplace – in industrial settings, shipyards, auto repair shops, old houses, schools and public buildings. There is also a high rate of Mesothelioma in veterans who were exposed during their days in the military. Because of this large group, who often does not understand its rights, there are law firms that focus specifically on Mesothelioma related Veteran legal options for getting them compensation that can then be used, to pay medical treatment expenses.

Although the use of asbestos in the workplace has nearly ceased in the US, doctors still diagnose a steady 3,000 cases of mesothelioma annually, with the majority of those traced to job-related exposures to asbestos. These numbers remain high primarily because of the long time cycle for the disease. While there’s no cure for mesothelioma and the outlook is generally poor, researchers have made significant progress in understanding the cancer and developing new treatment options and alternative therapies.

Treatment of Mesothelioma

There are three conventional types of treatment and some alternative therapies for patients with mesothelioma. Regularly two or more of these are joined over the span of treatment:


Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to destroy cancer cells. This therapy may be used both before and post-surgery or as a lone treatment for those patients who are not fit to undergo surgery.


There are two major types of surgery for mesothelioma:

  • Pleurectomy is a type of surgery in which part of the pleura (two thin layers of tissue that protect and cushion the lungs) is removed. This procedure helps to prevent fluid from collecting in the affected area of the lung. Pleurectomy provides symptomatic relief but does not appear to benefit survival rates.
  • An Extrapleural pneumonectomy removes the diseased lung, part of the pericardium, (membrane covering the heart), part of the diaphragm (muscle between the lungs and the abdomen), and part of the parietal pleura (membrane lining the chest). An Extrapleural pneumonectomy is performed on patients with early stage localized mesothelioma that has not spread to the lymph nodes or invaded surrounding tissues and organs. It allows other therapies or treatments to be given with less hazard to different other organs.

Radiation Therapy:

Using targeted radiation an oncologist can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors, generally with less side effects than chemotherapy. This treatment can be used in all stages.

Alternative Therapies

A number of cancer centers that specialize in mesothelioma treatment offer complementary therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, meditation and nutritional counseling. The goal is to offer therapies that treat the whole person, not just the disease, to boost quality of life and overall health.


7 Traits of Good Lawyers

Most people, fortunately, do not need an attorney’s assistance very many times during their life. Therefore, it can be challenging to home in on the right lawyer when one is needed. Add in the fact that emotions likely are running high, and choosing a legal professional becomes a daunting task. But if you can focus on the task at hand and do a little research before hiring anyone, finding the right fit for your needs can be easier. Let’s take a look at some screening tools you can use to narrow the candidate pool.

They Are Professional

Professionalism is key in the legal field. You want an attorney who has a proper office, a staff and access to the necessary legal resources to adequately address your case. Candidates should act and dress in a professional manner as well. Basically, if you meet the attorney and don’t feel confident in his or her abilities, it is best to keep looking.

They are Specialized

You will be best equipped to find the right attorney if you do some research first to learn what type of legal specialty is required. Then you can target just the lawyers who are experienced in the performing the field of law you need. If you just need general legal counsel, use the other traits on this list to find the best options.

They Communicate Clearly

Lawyers deal in complicated terms and documents. You want to hire one who can explain pertinent legal concepts to you in a way you can understand. Lawyer candidates should allow you to make legal decisions yourself based on these explanations, and they should respond quickly to all your inquiries.

They Are Up Front About Fees

Legal services are expensive, so you don’t want to waste any money because you didn’t understand the fee structure. Many attorneys offer short consultations for free so you can discover whether they are a good match for your case. If you decide to move forward, candidates should be able to clearly list the fee structure and schedule, including retainers, hourly billing and disbursement after the case is settled or closed. If you feel uncomfortable about any part of the plan, you might want to interview a different lawyer.

They Are Honest

Your attorney has to be in your corner at all times. If you get the feeling during preliminary conversations that an attorney is not being honest with you or is more focused on your case’s monetary value than with your well-being, you should walk away. Having confidence in your attorney’s abilities and honesty is crucial to a successful outcome.

They Have Strong Organizational Skills

Because time is money when you are talking to a lawyer, it is vital that he or she is organized and prepared with the proper documents whenever you meet. If candidates seem to waste your time during preliminary conversations, it is unlikely to improve if they take your case. You want an attorney who will be proactive, timely and communicative about any developments in your case.

Former Clients Will Vouch for Them

Finally, getting recommendations can be extremely helpful. Ask friends or family members if they have worked with any attorneys they believed did a good job. When you have narrowed your list to a few candidates, ask if you can talk to a former client about how the process went or ask to see testimonials from clients. If a lawyer doesn’t gather reviews or can’t offer you any names, it is best to find a different attorney.

Reaching a successful legal outcome hinges on a strong client-attorney relationship. These tips should help you find the best fit for your specific needs.



How Montana Is Revamping Their Sexual Assault Laws To Be More Inclusive

The consequences and prosecution of sexual assault and other sexual crimes are determined at the state level. Montana is one state that is looking to overhaul their sexual assault definitions to be more clear and concise.

A legislative committee is discussing a proposed category of bills that will revise the current sentencing for those convicted of sexual assault. Legislators are considering omitting things like the requirement for victims to prove that there was physical force used against them for sexual assault cases.

The current statutes are being reevaluated because of the recent incidents at the University of Montana. Senator Diane Sands believes that the way the University handles sexual assault cases needs to be reexamined, as do the laws at the state level.

Sands believes that now is the best time to examine these issues and the best sexual harassment lawyer to step in. Now that the nation is shining a light on the case, it is clearer to focus and see. At the state level, many sexual assault cases expire because there are very specific things that must be proven. If you don’t have all the components to a sexual assault case, many prosecutors will turn you away, saying that there isn’t enough evidence for a prosecution, and therefore they can’t do anything.

At the helm is the question of how to define “consent.” Montana is one of many states that is trying to overhaul the definition of consent and how to prove that it was given or not. Consent is presumed to be given by “yes,” but it does not have to be said verbally; there are other forms of “yes” that the law considers, like nonverbal cues or the absence of saying “no.”

The problem is that if someone is incapacitated, or unable to “say” or verbalize “no,” it would not appear that they are saying “yes.” Only lawfully does that make any real sense. The definition of consent is one of the problems that have arisen at the University of Montana. Students who couldn’t prove that they said “no,” or who were not physically forced to have sexual relations, were presumed to have said “yes.” That is simply not a fair determination. Therefore, it allowed a lot of sexual assault cases to go unprosecuted.

Other issues being debated are the use of distribution of recordings or images that are sexually explicit. Things like “revenge porn,” especially in the case where the victim is a minor, are not against the law. Legislatures are asking to revamp juvenile rules, making even those under the age of 18, responsible for their actions.

Consent is a very difficult component of sexual assault in any case. Montana’s current definition that there must be a show of force is simply outdated and doesn’t relate to many instances of sexual assault cases. It makes it legal to have sexual intercourse with someone who is passed out or incapacitated, as long as they didn’t say no and you didn’t show any physical signs of harm or restraint. That puts victims on trial and puts the burden of proof in the victim’s hands.

There are also cases where people will give consent when inebriated and simply forget or feel remorse in the morning for the act. Those cases make changing the statutes just as problematic and unfair. When you are talking about ruining someone’s future and life, the blur in definitions is difficult to decipher. If you don’t revamp consent, you could be letting sexual offenders slide, if you do, you could risk finding someone guilty of a crime they didn’t commit.

The incidents at the University of Montana are happening on campuses around the United States. When you have young adults who are experimenting with alcohol and are unsupervised, sometimes without the maturity or the moral compass yet to have the freedom afforded, you can run into some really sticky situations that blur the lines. What is for sure is that one wrong move, one bad night and one miscommunication on both ends can end in tragedy for two people.

It’s a hard line to draw, and sometimes the only ones who really know what happens between two people when no one is around to witness the event, have very different recollections. Their experiences are different, their feelings are different, and their recollections are not always consistent or realistic. If general and sweeping changes are made, it could swing the pendulum in the opposite direction, which is not always better in the long-run.

What Does The Birth Injury Lawyer Do To Help You?

The arrival of a new family member is definitely a really important moment in the life of the parents. Many just dream about the moment and whenever something bad happens, the effects can be truly devastating. Giving birth is scary in itself so when we add horrific events, things get quite complicated. You want to always prepare for that worst-case scenario but this is something few parents are ready to deal with.

If birth injury is suspected, the most important thing that you have to do is look for a great birth injury attorney that services the area where you live. Complimentary consultations are always offered so there is absolutely no reason why you should not arrange interviews with as many of the injury attorneys you find as possible. Since the process can be quite long, you want to work with someone that you can fully trust. The professionals will help you through every step of the way.

Caretaker Research

Always research the midwife and the obstetrician that will be involved in the birthing process. It is really important that you only work with those that do not have pending or past suits that are connected to misconduct or failures happening in delivery rooms. Then, focus on the certifications and licenses that exist. Medical school counts and you want to know as much as possible about the past experience of the health care professionals. Ask questions so that you can be confident about the work that is going to be done for you.

Always Keep Documentation

Families should keep documents and the hospitals are actually required to keep records about pregnancy and birthing. This is highly important for the future and for the well-being of the child. In order to have all the proof that will be necessary to prove a medical negligence neglected to giving birth, you have to be careful and you need to be prepared for everything that is about to happen.

Something as simple as filming or discussing with the medical professionals while you document everything can help. Not only will this help you because you will have proof in the event something goes wrong, it will also be valuable for parents to know exactly what has to be done during the pregnancy phase.

The personal injury attorney that is specialized in medical injury is going to always do all that is necessary to gather the necessary documentation connected with the birthing process. It is not at all difficult to find all the proof that you need in order to prove many things connected with the pregnancy. However, most parents do not manage to do this as they are not aware of all that has to be considered. The attorney knows the law and knows what will be accepted in court of law and what will not.

Be sure that you never go through a birth injury claim without the help of a trained specialist. This is very important as it will give you the best fighting chance in this process.


The Key to Effective Conflict Management: Everyone Should Be a Winner

Whether you are trying to manage conflict between others or are in the midst of a conflict yourself, the one thing you should keep in mind is that the key to effective conflict management is everyone should be a winner. A conflict is never successfully resolved and will come back to haunt you in the future if someone walks away a loser. Everyone needs to be a winner so that there are no hard feelings that will rekindle at some later date, maybe at the slightest provocation. But, how can everyone walk away a winner? It’s not always easy but it is possible.

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A Look at Outdated Models of Conflict Resolution

The model of conflict resolution which many people are still operating under was developed back in the 1970s by two men named Ralph Kilmann and Kenneth Thomas. In this model they set out what they defined conflict as falling into at least one of five different styles. These included:

  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating
  • Compromising
  • Collaborative
  • Competitive

If you look carefully at those styles, those models of conflict you will see that typically one side wins and the other loses. Or, as in the case of compromising or accommodating, neither side loses but neither side gets what they really want; neither side is a winner. In today’s acuity training model, assertiveness leads to everyone walking away with something they want and thus, everyone wins.

Assertiveness as a Method of Conflict Management – How Does That Work?

The problem most people have in understanding assertiveness as a means of conflict management or conflict resolution is that altogether too often ‘assertiveness’ is confused with aggression. When you are assertive you are not aggressive as you would be in the combative model. You are not trying to argue a point you are merely asserting what you see and what you want. You are willing to concede (compromise) a few points so that the other side walks away with something they want but each side asserts what they want and are willing to work through the conflict so that both can get some, if not all, of what they came to the table looking to gain.

You Are Not on the Attack!

The key to assertiveness is to understand that you are not on the attack. You are not belittling the opinions of others or in any way, shape or form denigrating their stance in the conflict. What you are doing, on the other hand, is expressing your view and what you want to happen. In the 1980s it was defined as making ‘I statements.’ “I see this. I want that. I feel this way.” And, the list goes on. It’s not about “You must be stupid because you want something other than what I want.” Rather, it’s about “I understand how you feel but this is how I feel. This is what I want. Can we not find a way for both of us to get what we want?”

So you see, being assertive isn’t being combative and it certainly isn’t avoiding the issues at hand. What assertiveness is may be defined as a good blend of being accommodating, compromising and collaborative. You are willing to accommodate the other and compromise on some key points. You will collaborate with them to help them get what they need so that you get what you need. It’s a new paradigm based on asserting your wants and needs without denigrating what the other wants and needs. Often referred to as the ADR model, Alternative Dispute Resolution, those older models are blended with a healthy mix of assertiveness and everyone walks away a winner.

Your Disability Benefits Are Easier To Obtain With A Law Firm On Your Side

Qualifying For Disability Benefits

Unfortunately, disability benefits are different than many other benefits out there because you can qualify for the benefits but still get denied. You first have to determine if you are qualified for disability benefits, and you find this out by going to a doctor that tells you what your disabilities are if you can continue working or not. Many who go to their doctor will go to another one to get a second opinion, especially if it’s going to help their disability claim. There are some who are disabled to the point where it’s physically visible, but even with visible disabilities, it doesn’t mean that the person will still get the benefits when they apply.

Gathering evidence is the best way to prove disability, especially getting written testimony from a doctor and medical evidence. Even getting information from the company that you used to work for can be helpful, especially if they can claim that your work performance has gone downhill over time because of your disability, which renders you unable to perform at work anymore. The evidence that you collect can help you in your case, but only way to qualify for disability is by being disabled and unable to work.

Now, It’s Time To Get The Benefits

Before doing anything else, it’s very wise to hire Myler Disability to help you with your benefits claim. So many people think that they know how to get disability benefits, and the only thing they do is fill out the paperwork as well as turning it in to the proper authorities. Filling out the paperwork is only part of the process, and if it’s not filled out correctly, then it’s possible to become denied, simply because the paperwork is not in the right order. Not having the right evidence is also going to be damaging to your case, so this is proof that you shouldn’t go about getting disability benefits on your own.

When you work with your lawyer, you don’t have to worry about paying anything until they win your case. Once your case is won, your fees will come out of your settlement, so you never have to take anything out of your pocket now in order to obtain a lawyer. You’ll also have a lawyer with many years of experience on your side, and the lawyer can be with you every time you go to court or can go to court for you when you are unable to go with them. You’ll easily see that there is a major difference between working on a disability claim on your own and having a lawyer to work on it for you.

What To Look For In A Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer

In the United States, each year approximately 1.4 million people suffer some form of traumatic brain injury, which can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. The impact of TBI can range from mild to extreme cases where one’s mental health cannot be salvaged whatsoever. If you and your family are direct victims of such occurrences in that your relative has suffered some form of TBI, then you may require a Chicago brain injury lawyer so that you can know the best course of action. Below are some few things to look at before deciding on a brain injury lawyer.

Is the lawyer a brain injury specialist?

Cases regarding brain damage are highly sensitive, and you will need a lawyer who is primarily specialized in this kind of work. This will give you an edge in the case as the lawyer will know exactly how to navigate the court process. In other terms, you should consider a lawyer who is specifically trained in brain injury cases, rather than going for one who is generally practicing law. There are a couple legal procedures involved in a brain injury case. Knowing some of the tidbits, which a lawyer who specialized in these types of battles should have gives a client an upper hand in their case. Otherwise, you could be looking at a long tedious case that may probably end in unforeseen defeat.


With massive experience comes a greater chance of winning a brain injury case.  Chicago is full of lawyers, but how many of them can actually attest to having won a number of cases regarding brain injuries? Of course, they may have something to say about their experience, but it would be wise to ask for a track record or seek testimonials from previous clients.


A good lawyer will win the case for you and your family. Intent in the sense that he is quick to attack the pending case before any other issues arise in the near future. When it comes to brain injuries, no one really knows for sure how the injury will affect the victim or his family in the near future. As such, it would be best to seek a lawyer who is eager enough to get you and your folks out of the legal turmoil sooner than later.

There is also the question of money. And since the case is one that is subject to lots of medical bills and follow up medication, the best lawyer would be one who works to save your family from such financial atrocities not to mention the mental and physical pain, especially when the victim had little to do with an accident that led to the brain injury.

When seeking a lawyer, look for someone thatpays attention to detail rather than someone who only considers the financial implications. If your loved one has sustained a brain injury, carefully assess your options before selecting the right Chicago brain injury lawyer to handle the lawsuit.


Things to remember while hiring a lawyer

Lawyer is very important in our life. Choosing a lawyer is very difficult task, so here are few points which should be remember while hiring a lawyer. For choosing a lawyer it requires similar efforts while choosing a doctor, school or a coaching. Make sure that he should not cheat us. Lawyers play important role as when you are selling or buying a property or a home, when you want to make a will, when starting a new business or divorce.

The first thing before choosing lawyers in NYC or any other city, make sure what exactly the problem you have. There may be many lawyers in the city but you have to choose best one. Ask your friends and family for the lawyer. When hiring a lawyer, always choose the trust worthy one. You should get a lawyer that you can feel comfortable with, capable of handling your case perfectly. A good lawyer provides us regular updates regarding case. He should do his job with full honesty and hard work. People can also directly hire lawyers from https://www.hirerush.com.

 A good lawyer is the one who thoroughly investigates on the case. Always compare the lawyer and choose the best lawyer.  Try to have retainer lawyers which give you expert advice also.

  1. Experience: There are many lawyers in the market but we should choose the successful and experience person who can help you to reach your goals. Do not hire a lawyer until you know more about their experience and their results. A young lawyer may be cheaper but you will get benefit in hiring a more experienced more successful lawyer. If possible, try finding a lawyer who has great experience in the same cases. You can also go for personal reference to achieve right lawyer.
  2. Personal Interview: Never explain your problem to the lawyer through phone or any other technology medium rather you should visit his office and tell your problem in a polite way. Take time to know him by his talking style. While talking with him see that how much efficient he is. Ask him about his positive points and strengths.
  3. Clarity: Once you choose your lawyer, make sure that what you want from him and what he wants from you. Fees structure should be clear. Before, a lawyer works on your case, try to finalize the agreement regarding fees. Lawyer can take fees such as court cost, court reporter, postage, telephone, courier, photocopying, etc. All the process should be clear in both persons mind in order to accomplish the case properly. There are certain lawyers who hide their complete fees from the customer initially and later on show their large fees structure. This can charge high amount of money for the case. So, it’s better to keep everything transparent with the lawyer and ask freely everything from him.

Now, you are well known about the important tips to choose the right lawyer for you. By using the above steps you can hire a best lawyer and even refer your friend and family members about the lawyer.


Traits that Separate a Good Lawyer from a Great Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer isn’t a walk in the park. Yet it’s essential if you want the highest chance of success in your court case.

The problem is that there are just so many lawyers out there. While it’s easy to separate the bad from the good, it’s often very difficult to separate the good from the great.

Below are a few of the most important traits to look for in your lawyer to ensure that your legal representation is not just good but great.


Always look for a lawyer with plenty of experience, especially in the particular area you need legal help with. Though experience doesn’t necessarily equal greatness, it certainly does help. You’re very unlikely to find an unexperienced lawyer that has anything near what it takes to be a great lawyer.


Experience doesn’t count for much if it’s not backed up by a successful reputation. Look for a lawyer, like Carlberg Law, with plenty of happy clients to ensure that they know what they’re doing. In fact, searching for a lawyer with reputation as one of your main search categories will greatly help you narrow down the playing field.


Every great lawyer needs a strong set of legal skills in addition to plenty of experience and a solid reputation. The most important include research skills, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills. In short, a great lawyer needs to be able to research their case, accurately analyze this information, and then present it in a clear, concise, and convincing manner.


A great lawyer must be able to understand their client’s needs and point of view, even if they differ greatly from their own. No, they don’t need to agree with the client, but they must be able to see things through their eyes. That’s why empathy is one of the top traits that separates a good lawyer from a great lawyer.


A love of law translates into greatness as a lawyer. If you don’t love what you do, you’ll never be one of the best of the best. A lawyer completely immersed in the legal profession will learn more and be able to perform better than a lawyer that treats law as a simple job. In addition, passion equals perseverance, especially during difficult legal proceedings.

A good lawyer just doesn’t cut it much of the time. You need the absolute best representation possible. So keep the 5 top traits of great lawyers discussed above in mind to find the best lawyer available.