Objective Legal Help after Being Charged with Inebriated Driving

Driving under the influence is a serious crime with which to be charged. A DUI conviction could result in you losing your license, paying heavy fines to the court, and even going to jail for weeks or months at a time. With so much to lose, it is little wonder that people accused of this crime are advised to seek out competent legal help immediately after their arrests. With an advocate like a Alameda County DUI lawyer or another legal representative working for you, you may be able to escape the worst consequences typically doled out by the courts.
Help without Judgment

You can call an attorney right away to help you without the fear of this legal advocate judging you or not believing your side of the story. Your lawyer is there to help you in any way possible and to make sure the facts of your case are clearly presented to the court.

Your lawyer also will understand that you are human and that you, like everyone else, makes mistakes in life. The legal team will work with the court and the prosecutor to minimize the punishment and to possibly have the charges thrown out of court if you are a first-time offender or if the facts indicate that you were not drunk at all at the time of your arrest.

Reviewing the Facts for Accuracy and Truth

As dire as a DUI charge can be, police departments throughout the country often have little, if any, formal guidelines in place for how field sobriety tests should be administered. Many police officers receive little training at the academy that shows them how to accurately give a sobriety test to people whom they suspect of being intoxicated.

Because of the possible discrepancies in how your test was given and how its results were reviewed, you may have grounds to ask the court to throw out your test altogether. Your lawyer can find out facts like how experienced the arresting officer is in giving field sobriety tests or if any factor could have thrown off the results. Something as simple as your shoe lace being untied could have caused you to stumble and therefore be deemed too drunk to drive.

A DUI can jeopardize your legal and financial future in numerous negative ways. You can protect yourself by retaining legal help immediately.

When a Car Accident Lawyer in Toronto is so Much More

Most people fail to realise that a car accident lawyer in Toronto isn’t limited solely to car accidents. In fact, that’s a small role that the attorney plays in the grand scheme of things. Some of the most trying and heartbreaking cases an automobile accident lawyer will handle are those that involve mass transportation, motorcycle accidents, or truck accidents.

Truck Accidents and Injuries

Truck accidents can leave behind some of the most devastating injuries due to the sheer size, weight, and force of the truck’s impact on much smaller vehicles. A full truck can take much longer than the average automobile on the road to react and slow down.

Part of this is the result of the size of the truck while another part is the weight of the cargo trucks are carrying. Then there are the added factors of driver fatigue, distracted driving, overloading cargo, and poor maintenance that can play additional roles making it nearly impossible for drivers to react in a reasonable amount of time when accidents occur.

That’s why it’s so important to work with an attorney who understands the risks associated with trucks on Canadian roadways today. This understanding helps attorneys be more powerful advocates for you.

Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Motorcycle accidents lead to a wide range of injuries that would be more limited in other vehicles. The reason is simple. Motorcycle riders have very little between them and the roads to protect them when accidents occur. Even with properly worn helmets, traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries are quite common. These injuries require long-term treatment and can lead to permanent disabilities. They also result in an increased need for life care planning that is quite costly.

Public Transportation Injuries

When accidents happen on public transportation, there are specialised laws involved that can be quite tricky to negotiate for attorneys who lack direct experience working with these types of cases. That’s why it is so important for you to choose expert representation who has direct experience dealing with the legal complexities associated with public transportation injuries.

Boating Accidents and Injuries

Boating is a very popular pastime but one that isn’t without danger. Accidents when operating a boat can lead to devastating injuries for those on the boat and in the water. It’s important to hold people who operate boats recklessly responsible for their actions when others are injured as a result. Getting the right representation will make all the difference in the world to the state of your case and whether or not you get the justice you seek. More importantly, it is necessary to seek counsel that understands that laws of Toronto waterways and the responsibilities of those operating boats in these waterways.

In each of these cases, it requires that time, attention, and dedication of the right car accident lawyer in Toronto to meet the needs of people in a wide range of accidents with diverse injuries. Howie, Sacks and Henry is a Toronto law firm that is well versed in the various medical conditions and injuries associated with all the accidents mentioned above and more. Schedule your appointment today to see how we can help you.

Five Tips for Driving in the Dark

Nobody likes driving in the dark, but now that winter is here, it’s something we’re all going to have to get used to. If you’re worried about it or feel you could benefit from some advice, then here are our five top tips for driving at night.


Adjust Your Headlights

Many people don’t know this, but it’s actually possible to adjust your headlights so they’re pointing in a slightly different direction. Even new cars may have them positioned in a way not particularly ideal to you, so check to see if there is any way you can improve their settings to better suit you.


To do this, simply consult your vehicles manual and follow the instructions. Normally, the problem will be that the headlights are uneven or they point too low, so have a look to see if this is an issue for you. But be careful, raising them too high could cause them to affect oncoming drivers.

Don’t Stare at Oncoming Traffic

While the headlights on other cars are partially there for your benefit, so you are aware they are on the road, you must be wary against paying too close attention. Staring at the lights will mean you’re not looking at the road in front of you – which is obviously a hazard.

This can be difficult, as when you’re eyes are on the interiors of your vehicle and the dark roads ahead, sudden bright lights can be incredibly distracting. Look away in these situations and remind yourself that your own path and direction are the most important thing.

Dim Your Dashboard

There are dimmer switches located on many dashboards, so you can turn down the brightness. Again, this is aimed at getting rid of as many distractions as possible, many of which are actually based within your own vehicle.

This is also a great way to save energy, and therefore money. Newer models may automatically dim at night so you won’t have to worry, but most cars won’t have such a feature. It’s important to note, as with the lights, you shouldn’t go too far so that your dashboard is completely invisible in the dark.

Be Cautious of Animals

In the dark, you are usually hopeful that any cyclists and pedestrians sharing the road with you will be wearing clothing that makes them more visible. However, this is not particularly likely with animals, so you’re going to need to be extra cautious about your surroundings.

This is naturally more of a hazard when driving down country roads and more isolated areas, but it can happen anywhere. You need to be extra focused with everything on the road ahead of you and to the side. Don’t go too fast – take your time until you’ve passed a section you deem likely to have wildlife nearby.

Clean Your Mirrors

Both of your exterior mirrors can be a big source of glare, so you need to make sure they’re clean. Dirt reflects the light from cars behind you in a misleading way, so it might not be completely clear on their distance from your own vehicle.

Another tip is to move the mirrors slightly so that you cannot see lights behind you from your natural seating position. This will reduce the chances of distraction further, while you’ll still be able to see the cars behind you whenever you like by moving your head a little.

If driving in the dark has caused you to have an accident in the past, check out Accident Compensation 4 UK to see if you’re eligible for some compensation.

The Unseen Injuries of an Auto Accident

When you’re in an automobile accident, your immediate focus is likely to be on the injuries themselves — broken bones, a herniated disc, or even neurological difficulties. The unfortunate reality is that the effects of an accident ripple outwards, far beyond wounds you can see or feel. When bills pile up, relationships suffer, or new symptoms come to light in the months and years that follow, you’re experiencing the secondary wave of trouble from an accident, the “invisible” impact.

Not All Injuries Are Obvious

As a recent WebMD article by Jacqueline Brooks notes, those that have been in an automobile accident may have long-lasting psychological effects from their ordeal, even if the injuries they sustained weren’t severe. Fear or hesitation about not only driving, but even riding as a passenger in a car, can haunt a victim well after the accident has occurred. This response could cause problems in employment, personal relationships or even lifestyle, keeping the victim effectively grounded as they hesitate to leave their own home in a vehicle. Even avoiding getting back behind a steering wheel won’t help in severe cases – if riding in a car is the trigger, taxis, surrogate drivers and even loved ones won’t be able to solve the problem.

Get Help While You’re Able To

According to DMV.org, hiring a lawyer after an accident will also help you stay on the right side of a time limit called a statute of limitations. This time limit compels accident victims to seek damages in a timely fashion after an accident, and by starting the legal wheels moving right away you won’t have to worry about running out the clock.  Obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible after an accident will give you some protection if future symptoms arise from your initial injury, as well. If you’re already seeking damages, it’s far easier to expand your scope than to create it from scratch.

Payouts and Timing Don’t Always Match Up

If an individual is struck by a vehicle and his or her car is totaled, the at-fault party’s insurance company may pay for a replacement car, but are likely to take time to do so. In the interim, daily routines such as getting to work, arranging childcare, attending college or running errands are in jeopardy if there isn’t a second car in the household. If a job is lost or more expensive childcare is needed due to lack of timely transportation, the insurance company isn’t likely to close that gap — either financially or time-wise — out of the kindness of their heart. Hiring a lawyer communicates to the opposition’s car insurance company that you have counsel and will pursue your damages on a legal track, making them more eager to satisfy your claim before things like settlement price tags have a chance to escalate.

The idea of an empowered victim might seem contradictory, but it’s the best title to have after an auto accident. With the right legal help in your corner, even ongoing injuries can receive the attention — and restitution — that they deserve.

Impaired Driving Offense

Drinking and driving or impaired driving is a truly genuine offense and being accused of Ontario impaired driving or any related offense can truly be an all around beneficial experience. Dissimilar to different sorts of Highway Traffic Act offenses, the offenses identified with drinking and driving are thought to be the criminal offenses and in this manner criminal assents are added to them, which can prompt a criminal record and frequently even detainment.

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