Top Scams that Target Senior Citizens

Stock broker fraud is just one of the many types of financial fraud that targets unsuspecting senior citizens. This age group is especially vulnerable to fraud due to several reasons, according to the FBI.

  • They are likely to have a significant nest egg that attracts scam artists.
  • They grew up in a time when people were taught to be polite and trusting.
  • They aren’t as likely to report fraud because they have no idea where to start and to whom to report it to.

If you have a senior citizen in your life, watch out for them and check in often to ensure they are not being victimized. Make sure they know the name of a securities fraud lawyer just in case.

Here are some of the top scams that historically happen to senior citizens.

  1. Unscrupulous Stock Lawyers and Financial Advisors. Even if the stock broker is a family friend, no one is immune to a broker or advisor who wants to get away with fraud. Stock brokers who make shady trades, pressure you into making investments you’re not comfortable with and give you false or misleading information about a potential stock can all be contributing to stock fraud in America. Financial advisors can also pose a threat to seniors if they funnel money from accounts without authorization. It’s always advised to stay on top of your accounts and statements to ensure money going out is legit. Even financial advisors with excellent credentials, experience and ethics can be fraudulent, says Bankrate, so be diligent in your research.
  2. Prescription Drug Scams. It’s no secret the rising cost of prescription drugs has left many people with low income scrambling. And because seniors are often on a fixed income, they turn to cheaper sources for their medication, mainly online. Not only can the drugs be counterfeit, the interactions can open the door for further scams. Other times, the scam artists simply take the money but don’t deliver the goods. This happens with essential medication like heart medicine, as well as anti-aging products like Botox. Seniors are asked to contact their local police department if they feel they have been a victim of fraud.

  1. Internet and Email Scams. The Internet can be confusing for senior citizens to navigate, especially those who know little about technology and social media. Studies show that adults over 74 typically use the Internet for health information, product information and the latest news. However, they’re not quite as adept when it comes to online and email safety. They may easily be swayed by an email that promises a big return on their small investment, and as a result they may offer up personal information way too easily. That’s all it takes. While younger users know all the tricks and scams, older Americans are less confident and therefore more easily convinced to give out bank routing numbers and social security numbers.

Being diligent in researching investments is key so as not to become a victim of fraud. Let Thomas Law Group help.


Law firm in Collingwood

If you are looking for a local lawyer in Collingwood, which top Collingwood law firm should you turn to? Is it an injury case? Are you going through a divorce? Do you need help when dealing with a criminal matter? No matter what the area of law is, or what type of issues you are dealing with, the right local lawyer in Collingwood is going to be able to help you as a client. So, you have to take the time to find the best local Collingwood law firm, and the one which has the top legal minds on staff to help you in your claim. lawfirm

The best local firm is going to have top specialists in all areas of the law. So, you will find that whether it is a DUI you are trying to fight, or if you were hurt in an accident, the best firm is going to specialize in these, or any other areas of the law. By taking the time to find a firm which specializes, not only are you going to be defended by the best, you will have the most qualified legal team to answer questions, to file your claim, and to guide you through the entire process, whether or not your case goes to court.

Top lawyers are going to work to collect evidence, find witnesses, and to compile a case against the opposing party who is at fault. So, if you are hurt, they are going to work to ensure they have sufficient evidence to show why you should be compensated, and how the other party was at fault. Your lawyer is going to work to properly present your case, and will work to ensure you are going to be justly compensated, no matter what type of damage or injuries you have sustained in the case in question.

The best firm will have experts on staff who work on settlement offers. From filing the offer, to properly writing it, and going over it to ensure all damages, fees, court costs, and losses are included, the best law firm is going to work to ensure you receive all that is owed to you, stemming from the accident and your injuries. So, regardless of how much is lost, or what injury you sustain, the best firm is going to work to ensure you are compensated, and that you receive all monies which are owed to you by the opposing side.

You never want to deal with certain legal issues on your own, but on the same token, you have to make sure you have the right legal experts working with you if you choose to file a claim. So, it is best to take the time to compare top local law firms, to ensure you are properly represented when the time comes to file. With several local firms, these are some areas of concern to keep in mind, to ensure you choose the best, and hire the most qualified local lawyer to handle and to file your claim.

Choosing an Appropriate Lawyer in Calgary

The cases that a lawyer faces can vary, and each lawyer has a different area in which they are experts. When you are looking for the help that a lawyer has to offer, you need to find the lawyer who will best assist you. There are many lawyers out there, and you need to find one who will make your agenda their own. When you are seeking a DUI lawyer in Calgary, make sure that you know how to find the individual who will best take on your case. When you are looking for a drug crime lawyer in Calgary, make sure that you find someone who understands all that is going on and who will be able to lead you. Finding an appropriate lawyer for your case is a good first step toward getting the help that you need.

A lawyer and the jury
A lawyer and the jury

How to Choose an Appropriate Lawyer:

When you are looking for someone who will help you out in regard to the DUI that you are facing, you need to know that the one that you turn to for assistance is someone who is going to be compassionate. When you find a compassionate DUI lawyer in Calgary, then you will feel good about your case. You need to have someone on your side, and your lawyer should be that someone. Look for someone who fully understands that you are going through and who has compassion for you in regard to all that you are facing and all that is to come.

When you are seeking the right help in regard to your drug crime and you need good representation, look for an experienced drug crime lawyer in Calgary. The lawyer who will represent you best is someone who knows what they are doing and who has experience with the kind of case that you are facing. The appropriate lawyer is one who has handled that kind of case before and who understands all that needs to be done. Those who will be there for you must have the knowledge and experience that is needed to win your case.

When you are in need of someone who will work for you as the best lawyer possible for your case, make sure that the individual that you turn to as your lawyer is someone who is ready for a battle. There are many lawyers out there, but the best one for your case is one who is not afraid to fight. Seek out someone who is going to do all that needs to be done in regard to your case, someone who will not tire easily. A lawyer who will fight hard is someone who can win a case for you and help you to move on with your life.

There are all kinds of situations that one can get in where one needs the help that a lawyer offers, and there are all kinds of lawyers out there. Make sure that you find someone who understands your case when you need legal assistance.

Choosing the Right Business Lawyer in Abbotsford

There are legal issues that every business faces, and those legal issues must be addressed by someone who understands them and who will be able to push through them. When you are running a business, you know that you need to have the right assistance available in regard to the issues that you are going to face. You know that your business needs good legal guidance in order to be all that it should be and in order to do things in a legal way. When you are seeking a business lawyer in Abbotsford, make sure that you know how to pick the one who will best help you. Look for a lawyer who will provide you with the representation that you need. When you are looking for a notary in Abbotsford, make sure that you know how to find a good one.

Business Lawyer

How to Choose the Right Business Lawyer:

When you are stuck in a legal situation in which you need help, you need to find a business lawyer in Abbotsford who will offer you the guidance that you need. The individual that you choose to turn to in regard to the legal advice that you need should be someone who will offer their opinion and help you make a good decision. You need to find someone who will help you decide what it is that you need to do. The one that you are looking to for help in regard to legal issues should be someone who provides great guidance at all times.

When you are stuck and you need a notary in Abbotsford in order to do things professionally and move on, you need to find someone who will be helpful in every way that they can. The notary that you choose when you are looking to have a situation take care of should be someone who will be kind and helpful, someone who will look out for you as they help you get something notarized and official. Look for help in someone who will offer their assistance in all of the ways that they can, someone who will be there to help you.

When you need a lawyer, make sure that you find someone who knows what they are doing. Look for someone who understands the legal world and who will be able to offer you the help that you need. Look for someone who understands the issues that you are facing and who will be able to lead you through them. The legal help that you want is out there when you know how to get it and when you choose to receive it through someone who understands both the business and legal worlds. Look for help in the one who has great knowledge.

Finding a business lawyer is something important that you must tackle. You need to find someone who will give you the advice and assistance that you need in regard to your business. Look for someone who knows how to lead you on.

Factors to Consider When Selecting A Litigation Lawyer in Sarnia

If circumstances force you to look for a litigation lawyer in Sarnia, you might find the process of choosing one to be so rigorous. However, the following steps will help you select a lawyer to help you in any legal matters ranging from Employment Law to Matrimonial Law.

employment law


When choosing a litigation lawyer in Sarnia, you should be keen enough to see whether a personal chemistry exists between the two of you. No matter how successful a lawyer is at litigation or how well he is recommended, you might not experience success by working with him if within the first one or two meetings no bond forms between the two of you. It’s good to establish a good lawyer-client relationship. Rely on your instincts and select a lawyer experienced in Employment Law whose personality corresponds with yours. Also ensure that your lawyer has a good personal rapport, is experienced and can be accessed easily.

Promptness and communication

Before selecting a lawyer to represent you in Employment Law, you should first ask them how accessible they are and how long they will be taking to respond to your queries. Do not overlook this step regardless of how friendly the lawyer might look. This is because it has been discovered that most lawyers perform dismally when it comes to communication. If for instance, every time a problem arises and you cannot communicate with the lawyer for several days, you will end up losing precious time and sleep. Your lawyer should be able to update you frequently on the progress of the litigation progress. He should also be able to answer your questions and concerns promptly. You should select a litigation lawyer in Sarnia that will work hard in representing you and following up on all assignments promptly.

Willingness to work hand in hand with you

When you have legal problems such as Employment Laws, you will require legal information. Lawyers are the main sources of the information. However, if you bought all their information at the rates that they quote, you might be declared bankrupt very early. Select a litigation lawyer in Sarnia who will ensure that you get a good understanding of legal principles and procedures that might require you to sort them out individually. The lawyers should be able to work with you in order to achieve your objectives. For instance, if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you on employment laws, you should look for one that has specialist knowledge on that area. Ask the lawyers if they will be willing to review your comments and drafts.


It’s also important to select a lawyer who can estimate how long the litigation process will take. However, most factors might be beyond the lawyer’s control. A good lawyer should however be able to establish a general timeline and the type of resources that might be required for the litigation process to go through until the end. A good lawyer should be able to periodically update you on the progress of the litigation progress. A good lawyer should clearly state to you how often he will be updating you and in which format.

Could a Personal Properties Securities Register Search Help You Secure Your Finances

The Personal Properties Securities Register was established by the Australian government to help financial institutions, business operators, and regular consumers in securing their financial transactions. Through the Australian Personal Property Securities Act 2009, the government standardized the registration of any security interest over personal properties through a central register, providing individuals and organizations guarantee over their financial transactions, thus helping the Australian economy grow through reducing the risk of fraud and encouraging financing companies to lend money more freely for new and emerging businesses.

Many companies today offer services to search the Personal Properties Securities Register, giving you guarantee in avoiding financial disasters through careful planning and analysis. They could provide you valuable information such as an organization and individual credit check, allowing you to identify any security interest on personal properties of individuals or organizations, security registration details on particular personal properties such as motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, or intellectual property, or even search the details of a particular security registration.

Now, you might say that the PPSR benefits only lending companies since they provide information mostly about how safe it is to lend money to someone. This is simply not the case. In fact, a PPSR search could be beneficial to the debtor itself, giving him the necessary information on his credit status.

Here are ways how the Personal Properties Securities Register can benefit not just financial institutions, but also businesses and individuals.

Financing Companies – companies and institutions that offer loans could make use of a PPSR search to check on the credit status of the borrower. They would be able to reduce the risk of lending money to the people with bad credit, thus ensuring that they are lending their money to the right people and they would be able to recover their money back in case the borrower wouldn’t be able to pay.

Businesses – through the PPSR, business operators are able to register their interest over personal properties they sold on credit, consignments, or on retention of title agreements. Through a PPSR check, businesses would also be able to check if there are any security interest in the assets that they buy, thus avoiding the chance that the items bought be repossessed by lending companies.

Consumers – any individual can make use of a PPSR check to know if the personal property that they are buying, such as a second-hand car is free from any security interest before buying the property. This reduces the chance of fraud for any consumers, allowing them to act more freely when buying personal properties.

Anyone can benefit from using the Personal Properties Securities Register, as it provides Australians confidence in all of their financial transactions. From large lending companies, large businesses, to start-ups and regular individuals, companies such as InfoTrack provide essential services to help combat the pitfalls of the ever-growing number of fraudulent financial transactions.

Whether you are buying a personal property or lending money, be sure to check any security interest over the other party’s personal properties.

Tips for forming a corporation New York city Lawyer

Numerous business visionaries feel that hiring a small business attorney is a pointless and scaring process. Well, not waiting too much, they wait for getting and also bringing the most skillful as well as the most lawful lawyers for you. This is because being a corporate lawyer takes a lot of trusts from the people and a matter of fact, the choice of the lawyers should be perfect. This is because you need to get an experience lawyer to bring up the attorney in the perfect time. Here are three things to consider while forming a corporation New York City.



The are many business visionaries which are liable for getting the most benefits for the people until and unless there actually are some benefits which is turned out by the business organizations. As a matter of fact, there are many licenses required by any corporation which brings up most of the paper works done. Still there is an opportunity for everyone to submit and acquire small licenses hen it is required from the court. Thus, it is very much critical to comprehend the factors which will be relying on the business attorney by hiring a lawyer. All you have to do is pay out with the help of an hourly rate.


Well, if you are looking forward to make things go easy and fast, you need to hire someone who is basically experienced as well as knowing for all the procedures. When it is about crossing the procedures, you should be gathering with something which will be helping you with a lot of fortunes. As a matter of fact there are many reasons why you should hire an experienced lawyer. With the rules and regulation of a small business corporation, you should also talk with other business organizations which sum up in hiring the best lawyer. This is the reason why if you are a resident of the New York City, you should be aware of the fact for hiring the perfect lawyer forming a corporation New York City. Well, it is somehow a better thought to pull up a lawyer who helps in forming the papers without any waste of time. Thus as a matter of fact there are much more things to go on with as there are many opportunities wide open.


At times, you may find out trouble in the paper works as the licenses expire. It might be such that you are not prepared for getting the perfect charge that is going to come towards you. Thus, you will be in the need of your favored lawyer to take you out of the situation. Here one thing comes to play as the lawyer you had contacted with would be active to handle all the situations. Not only should this but your lawyer be communicating with you for updates in the paperwork when you actually need it. Thus it will be easy for you to get on with the flow of the work as there are a lot of scopes for the corporations to get on with the flow.

Take the best assistance of IamCallingMyLawyer

IamCallingMyLawyer is the renowned website that consists of professional team who are well versatile and experienced as professional injury attorneys. They are serving the society since 50 years and the professionals lawyers of this stupendous company work on every side for claiming the personal injury and are even aware of the insurance company’s regulations and rules. They even proffer the best services to their clients in case of serious injuries and they travel themselves to their clients who are unable to reach them due to their disabilities. They protect their clients from and on every step. You can take their great assistance and representation easily which is available all round the clock.


The clients don’t have to pay a penny to them until they reach to the satisfactorily point or level. They take care of all damages free of charge related to their property. The professional team of personal injury lawyers if IamCallingMyLawyer are dedicated towards the compensation and justice only for their clients. Since long years they are serving their reputed clients and are known for their quality legal experience largely. They are professional lawyers in worker’s compensation, personal injury, wrongful death, mesothelioma and more. They are aware of every fact as how to win over the case in less time and efforts.

They stand for their clients rights and are not at all afraid of anything. They believe in proffering utmost solutions to their respective clients. You can even set up easily free consultation with these attorneys who stands together and proffers assistance over different subject matters. You can take their great assistance on following cases which are as follows:

  • The car accidents: Under car accidents, the most of the cases lead to severe injuries or death. The car accidents are common all over the US and more than 30,000 cases come to them annually under this category. They proffer help and guidance to their clients and guarantee them for quick settlements.
  • Dog’s bites: the other case which these attorneys resolve easily is dog bite. if any dog has severely bitten you, then you can ask for the medical compensation from the second party through these experienced attorneys assistance.
  • Construction site case: if you are a worker in any of the construction site, then you can meet with an accident at any point of time, in such cases these attorneys’ proffers their helping hand easily.
  • Loss of mobility or back pain: you can even receive compensation if during any injury you lose your mobility or gets a severe back pain; they can help you over such subject matter also.
  • Mesothelioma: It is a very deadly cancer that can lead to prolonged exposure to asbestos. These attorneys can help you in such case as well that affects severely the abdomen, chest and lungs.

The personal injury attorneys of IamCallingMyLawyer are well experienced on all related subject matters. They can guide well their clients and guarantees them of 100% satisfaction and constant support that results in effective outcome.

When Will A Cosigner Get Bail Bond Refunds?

Posting a bail for you dear one can be accomplished in two ways. Either pay the security amount directly in the court or hire an affordably easy bail bonds firm to pay the funds. After the person you bailed gets released, there will come a time when you will wonder, when you will get your cash back.

Bail cash is a deposit that bonds the appearance of accused in court. In case they decide not to appear, then the court orders the bail default status. It means that your money will not be returned, but if you convince the accused back in custody, then the court may take a decision to refund the cash, but it is not mandatory, to do so.

download (4)

Determine the case status

Remember you will not get your fund back until the defendant is not found guilty or the charges against them drops. If the person is found guilty, then the bail money goes towards court fees. In this scenario, you won’t get your funds back.

Evaluate your options

  1. Surety bail

Hiring a bail bondsman to underwrite a security bond for the arrested loved one is a lot cheaper. Basically, you will be paying a specific percentage of total bail amount set by the court. This is called bail bond, which is non-refundable.

This premium is regarded as bail agent’s service fees to deal with the defendant and ensure they show on all the court proceedings.

  1. Cash bail

Cash bail means that you pay the entire bail amount, which will be returned after the defendant appears regularly in the court. If the defendant disappears causing a forfeiture status, then the money you paid will not be seen again. In addition, if the defendant is arrested again, when on bail, then no refund is given.

Fortunately, if the defendant is not guilty, then the bond money gets discharged. Moreover, if the defendant pleads to be guilty, then at the time of sentence, the bond amount gets release.

  1. Property bond

Property bond means you provided your land or home as collateral in exchange for the defendant’s discharge. Property bonds are same to cash bail. The court will seize the property legally, if the defendant skips any hearings.

Know case end date

To figure out when you will attain your funds back depends on the day when case ended. Remember, if you moved to another place or any of the contact information provided to the court has changed, then inform the court instantly and let them know. The main reason is that to get the refund check your current address needs to be on the file.

Finally, the court sends your refund check after end of case in around 2 to 6 weeks. After six weeks have passed and you did not receive the check mail, then contact the court. Give them information like your case number or end date of the case. This will help them look through the records and find out the reason for the delay of mailing your refund check.

Small valuable tip

Whoever you bail from jail must be someone whom you trust a lot and you are 100 percent sure will attend all court trials, otherwise don’t risk your funds or property.

Learn about divorce and legal separation

The Brad Micklin group offers dedicated service to the people who actually need justice! Their motto is that helps and supports the people as in their term – clients, those who actually struggle with challenging issues and to meeting their requirements.With over 20 years of experience, and based in Nutley, New Jersey, the Brad Micklin. Law firm helps people in the greater New Jersey area. To simple they make their objective is that obtaining right justice with all possible benefit results to the clients.

Woman going through unpaid bills. Can't pay mortgage. Financial stress.
Woman going through unpaid bills. Can’t pay mortgage. Financial stress.

Micklin law group handle the legal issues in regard to divorce, family law and estate planning as broader categories. To handle issues in regard to divorce difficulties, they have their own team of attorneys in Northern New Jersey.

Divorce Attorney

The Brad’s legal team has experienced divorce attorney, who actually would counsel the couples before they take any decisions and before they get any legal judgements. He / She would actually educate them about the divorce law, wherein the objective is to make them understand where and what the problematic knot is, and whether can untie it off to lead a thoughtful life. Though on tough times, when they confirm the divorce, then Brad’s attorney would stand by the justice, they players well in order to obtain alimony to the she-spouse.

Divorce causing issues

Couples applying for divorce may be of newly married, or some 3 – 4 years old or to extent some 5 – 10 years old even. The scenarios could be with no marital belongings, without kids, no any divergences on partner’s maintenance or no quote of alimony will come to result as soon as possible. But with any cases that oblige for maintenance or alimony could be prolonged years in terms, which fetches in so many branches of confusing knots. The Micklin Law Firm assures that, “we have such years of experience attorneys with us to handle all set of problematic scenes in an easy but on judgement way”.

The key causes that lead to divorce dispute are of:

  1. Child custody and visitation
  2. Child support
  3. Spousal support
  4. Division of marital property

Divorce and legal separation

Divorce is that of different issue than the legal separation, in which it is s dissolvent of legal marriage. Brad Micklin’s team of attorneys work in a great way to help & support the clients in all the aspects of favourable legal terms: say for; asset division, debt settlements, future care plans, alimony procedures, children’s future care and no obligation certificate that the both the partners may get married to someone else in future.

Apart from the above settlements and agreements, the Brad’s team work in an ethic way procedures followed in NJ law code in the process of divorce. In such, they ought to follow the policy and procedures, as they term rightly as ‘Anatomy of a New Jersey Divorce’ wherein one may found typical procedure steps that they follow are as:

  1. Complaint
  2. Response
  3. Case Information Steps
  4. Notices of Motion
  5. Orders of Show Cause
  6. Case Management Conference
  7. Discovery
  8. Early Settlement Panel
  9. Settlement Conference
  10. Trial
  11. Judgement

For a briefed information, one may reach the Micklin Law Group either at 973-562-0100 or on