Should I Ask For a Prenup?

You’re getting married, so surely you should be able to trust your partner about money matters. Don’t only millionaires need prenuptial agreements? Those assumptions are wrong. Prenuptial agreements used to be associated with the very rich, but they are becoming much more common among ordinary, middle-class working people, and for good reasons.

Marriages End

Nobody can guarantee that any marriage will last until death parts the pair. It stands to reason that a prenuptial agreement will take a little of the potential bitterness out of divorce. The law doesn’t always say what most people think, and it varies between states, so the parties’ expectations of a fair settlement can be completely different. If it’s in black and white, the scope for argument is cut down.

With re-marriage being so common, there’s another reason to think about a prenuptial agreement in a second or subsequent marriage. People legitimately want to protect their assets for their own children, in case an ex-spouse forms a new partnership and the new partner or their children’s claims are put first. Things can get very complicated, so it’s much better to know where everyone stands.

Times Are Uncertain

This is an age of anxiety. The world seems to lurch from crisis to crisis. In a society where inequality is increasing, people feel more inclined to seek security. If one of the future couple stands to inherit a valuable property, they may want to ensure it stays in their family and passes down to their children, rather than being up for grabs in a divorce, leaving their children without protection in an unpredictable future.

The Need to Know

The prenuptial agreement doesn’t only come into play in the event of a split. It can be important in ensuring that each marriage partner understands the other’s point of view on shared finances during the marriage. Will they pool their resources and have a joint bank account? Who will look after any children, and at what point in time will that person be expected to go back to work, if ever? The partners may have unexamined assumptions about those things which should be clear before they commit.

There’s a natural reluctance to face up to these issues at the start of a marriage, when everyone assumes that that life will be rosy. But the partners may have different expectations, depending partly on how they have been raised, and the more they know about what the other one expects from marriage, the better.

Seeing an attorney and facing up to the questions that have to be answered in drawing up a prenuptial agreement should help couples to understand each other, and if that pushes them apart, rather than making them feel closer, it could be a sign that a permanent commitment isn’t a great idea.

Traits that Separate a Good Lawyer from a Great Lawyer

Finding the best lawyer isn’t a walk in the park. Yet it’s essential if you want the highest chance of success in your court case.

The problem is that there are just so many lawyers out there. While it’s easy to separate the bad from the good, it’s often very difficult to separate the good from the great.

Below are a few of the most important traits to look for in your lawyer to ensure that your legal representation is not just good but great.


Always look for a lawyer with plenty of experience, especially in the particular area you need legal help with. Though experience doesn’t necessarily equal greatness, it certainly does help. You’re very unlikely to find an unexperienced lawyer that has anything near what it takes to be a great lawyer.


Experience doesn’t count for much if it’s not backed up by a successful reputation. Look for a lawyer, like Carlberg Law, with plenty of happy clients to ensure that they know what they’re doing. In fact, searching for a lawyer with reputation as one of your main search categories will greatly help you narrow down the playing field.


Every great lawyer needs a strong set of legal skills in addition to plenty of experience and a solid reputation. The most important include research skills, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills. In short, a great lawyer needs to be able to research their case, accurately analyze this information, and then present it in a clear, concise, and convincing manner.


A great lawyer must be able to understand their client’s needs and point of view, even if they differ greatly from their own. No, they don’t need to agree with the client, but they must be able to see things through their eyes. That’s why empathy is one of the top traits that separates a good lawyer from a great lawyer.


A love of law translates into greatness as a lawyer. If you don’t love what you do, you’ll never be one of the best of the best. A lawyer completely immersed in the legal profession will learn more and be able to perform better than a lawyer that treats law as a simple job. In addition, passion equals perseverance, especially during difficult legal proceedings.

A good lawyer just doesn’t cut it much of the time. You need the absolute best representation possible. So keep the 5 top traits of great lawyers discussed above in mind to find the best lawyer available.

The Right Way to Deal With Business Bankruptcy

Most small businesses these days suffer from massive debts. The main reason for this situation is the lack of planning that is involved in these companies. Some entrepreneurs may think that spontaneous planning and decision-making can be used as an actual business tactic. Although spontaneity can be effective when it is coupled with luck, do know that it will eventually lead to business bankruptcy. If you do not want your empire to collapse before you build it, you need to deal with the problem in an efficient manner. The best way to deal with business bankruptcy is to get rid of your debts as soon as possible. In this case, here are some tips that will help.

Cut Down Unnecessary Costs

In order to do this, you need to understand the distinction between essential and unnecessary expenses. Since all company costs will look imperative from your point of view, it essential for you to hire a professional who will look at the situation with an unbiased view. Using the services of a Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney can be of great help during these situations. This professional will inform you about the expenses that you need to immediately cut off. Moreover, the assistance of this attorney can be useful during documentation procedures as well.

Revisit the Budget

If the debts keep piling up, then it is a sign that your company budget is not working out. Therefore, you will have to revisit the budget and fix it according to your current and future requirements. The business industry is a highly unpredictable one. Since it goes through constant changes and developments, you need to make sure that your budget is flexible. You must ensure that your revenue will be able to cover your business expenses. If not, you will not be able to run the company efficiently.

Prioritize the Payments

When you are paying off the debts, you must remember that you cannot pay all the creditors. It is best to tackle the debts with the highest interest-rates first. If you have given any personal guarantees or collateral for your debts, get rid of those ones first. If you fail to make the payments in time, the creditors will come after your property. Therefore, these types of debts must be your first priority. Moreover, you will also have to take care of your credit card payments as soon as you can.

Consolidate Your Loans

This is an effective technique that most businesses fail to utilize. Consolidating all your debts into one massive amount can enable you to reduce your expenses to a great extent. If you have a number of small debts, get one huge loan to pay them all off. Consolidating your short-term loans with one long-term package will enable you to tackle the situation with minimal consequences. This way, you will be able to decrease the monthly expenses of your company without deteriorating your credit.

Most importantly, you must look for all the professional assistance that you can get. During such circumstances, legal and professional counsel can be of great help, since they will enable you to pick the right path and make suitable decisions.

An Antidote for Xarelto Might Be Possible

Xarelto has been experiencing a lot of lawsuits especially due to patients suffering from deadly side effects that can’t be treated due to an antidote not being available for the blood thinning drug. However, that might change soon. It was announced by Portola Pharmaceuticals that it will submit a new antidote for the blood thinner to the FDA for approval. The said antidote is expected to enter the market sometime this year.

The Xarelto Lawsuits

Near to 3000 Xarelto lawsuits have been filed as of yet. More than 2,800 plaintiff cases seek compensation from Janssen Pharmaceutical and Bayer AG for the damage caused through the use of this drug. The lawsuits were recently consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation MDL No. 2592 in Louisiana’s Eastern District. This was done to make the overall case more organized. Honorable Judge Eldon Fallon is overseeing the cases.

The Dangerous Xarelto Side Effects

Numerous patients suffered from various injuries, some fatal, due to rivaroxaban’s side effects which also includes uncontrollable bleeding. Many patients could not be saved due to the absence of an antidote to stop the lethal hemorrhages. As the bleeding can’t be stopped once it occurs, may it be gastrointestinal bleeding or even a small gum bleed, it can lead to very serious consequences for the health of a patient.

The New Antidote

Due to Portola Pharmaceuticals there is hope that patients can be saved. The antidote is known as Andexanet Alfa (PRT064445). It was meant to treat the side effects of Eliquis, another blood thinner, but there is a chance that it can work against Xarelto as well. The availability of an antidote (if it gets approved by the FDA) can help to make the blood thinner’s safety profile much better, and allow doctors to prescribe the drug to prevent stroke and blood clots in patients that suffer from atrial fibrillation. It can also help to improve its place in the market when compared to its competition, Warfarin.

Andexanet’s effectiveness is being tested in ANNEXA-A and ANNEXA-R. Both these studies involve patients who are using Xarelto. The new antidote binds to the Factor Xa Inhibitors (both Xarelto and Eliquis) to stop the blood from becoming thinner.

It is important to note that Portola Pharmaceuticals is also developing its own new blood thinner in order to compete with Xarelto, Eliquis, and Paradaxa.

With the current lawsuits against Xarelto only time will tell if people are comfortable enough to use the drug even if an antidote is available.

The rising cost of insolvency

For those weighing up remedial options for finance difficulties, the news that insolvency is about to get more expensive will not be welcome.

A new fee structure
Thanks to the announcement earlier this month that a new fee structure will apply for both personal bankruptcy and company insolvency, charges are set to increase from 21st July of this year.

download (10)

A new and replacement fee
The existing fee schedule will be amended from this date, and a new fee will be introduced, called the Official Receiver’s General Fee. This will essentially be a replacement fee for the existing Secretary of State fee, which will no longer be applicable to any cases where orders are placed following the 21st July, or on this date itself.

This General Fee will be levied at a rate of £6000 onto all cases. The current system sees the Secretary of State fee levied on a sliding scale basis, calculated against realisations.

This meant that the fee itself could reach a total of £80,000 (capped) for larger insolvency cases – and in such instances, the new approach will offer significant savings. However, for smaller cases, the picture is more mixed – with many now effectively attracting a higher fee on the fixed basis.

For example, in a case where the assets were being realised at £10,000, the current system would see a fee of £3,545 applied for the Secretary of State fee, and a remaining £6,455 for payment towards bankruptcy related expenses and debts. This new scenario almost completely reverses this scenario in terms of cost allocation and breakdown.

Other implications
Where a Trustee of Individual is acted by the Official Receiver, or when this body takes on a company liquidation role, realisations made will also attract a 15pc fee.

Two extra fees will also come into play, relating to the set up of an Income Payments Order or Agreement, and the withdrawal or dismissal of a petition.

However, the distribution fee that applies when the Official Receiver distributes to creditors (in the capacity of Trustee or Liquidator) will remain as is.

A creditor wishing to submit a petition for a debtor’s bankruptcy will also now be charged an additional £165 for the Official Receiver’s Deposit at the point of petition issue. This rises to £1,600 when an application to wind up a company is made.

To see a full list of the change in fees, visit:

Why is this happening?
The objective behind the new fee structure is to move towards an increasingly self-financing system – if not entirely at this stage, then with measurable progress towards that end.

What are the implications?
Creditors are expected to see smaller returns coming their way in lower value insolvency cases, whilst the costs of submitting a petition increase. This may well affect the total number of petitions increased going forwards, as the cost-benefit calculations adjust.

It is interesting to note that there has been no mention yet of any increase to the company wind-up insolvency threshold, currently at a level of £750. This is despite similar costs for individuals being risen quite recently to a new high of £5,000 – from the original cost of £750. (This threshold describes the level of debt that must be outstanding to a credit before a petition can be presented.)

Considerations for affected parties
As ever, individuals facing insolvency or companies considering the same are advised to seek specialist legal help when weighing up their options. Firms dealing specifically with insolvencies have in-depth knowledge in the field and can provide guidance and information to aid objective decision making, at a time when it can be difficult to see the best route out of a financial difficulty.

Recognising and addressing the issue
Certainly, even the government has recognised that official schemes for people dealing with debt need to be supported and increased provision wise, as the levels of debt grow nationally ( So whilst the aim for the insolvency process is to make it more self-sufficient on the cost front, and dissuade creditors from bringing small claims for smaller debts, there is a genuine recognition that escalating credit management problems remain a reality for many.

This has led to the introduction of various formal and managed schemes which offer affected parties routes out of their issues, and the chance to formally re-group and start again.

Getting the right help and support
With the right advice, support and professional service, the right approach to insolvency can provide a welcome solution to individuals and companies facing otherwise unresolvable financial difficulties and provide a clean slate from which to start again without the worry and concern of ongoing creditor issues and financial distress.

Top Reasons Why Hiring A Professional And Well Experienced DUI Lawyer Makes Sense!

DUI (Driving under Influence) can sometimes lead to more serious consequences if not handled professionally. Many people fail to realize its serious implications. Sometimes, it can haunt you for really long time.

No matter whether it is for the first time that you are arrested on driving while intoxicated charges or facing repeated charges, you should never attempt to handle such matter without the professional legal advice. The professional and experienced DUI Attorney plays a very important role in such matter.

If you are still not convinced, the following reasons will make you understand the importance of hiring a well qualified DUI lawyer. These reasons are really worth consideration.

Management of the entire process carefully

Being a resident of Miami, dealing with such kind of offense can prove to be complicated as well as time-consuming. However, a qualified DUI attorney Miami makes the overall process manageable by completing all the paperwork, representing you at suspension hearing for the license, handling the phone calls, and making other important arrangements.

All such things may easily be mishandled if someone, who is unaccustomed to administrative side of law, tries to deal with it. An expert DUI lawyer is familiar with all the local authorities and prosecutors in your area and knows the best arguments to win.

Professional and Expert Evaluation of your Case

No two cases can ever be similar. Every case has its own unique circumstances depending on state you live in and the outcomes of driving and drinking can vary greatly. Many solicitors work exclusively on the matters related to DUI and are experienced about the entire process.

They can help you in educating you on the hidden options that you may even not know about. A professional DUI lawyer will become authority on your particular case and will make you understand the jail time or possible fines that you can face if your case further proceeds to the trial.

Your lawyer will be able to tell you how some particular consequences in your state that you live in can affect you and will let you know if you will be eligible for some special programs including community service in exchange of some harsh penalties. Hiring a DUI lawyer Miami ensures you that you will have an expert on your side that really understands all the legal aspects and be there for you during the entire process.

Plea Bargaining and Sentence Bargaining

In case, it is your first offense, it may be a wise idea to plead guilty depending on some of the facts of the case. Your lawyer will help you in making the most wise and informed decision depending on your case. He or she would also offer you important advice on how you can reduce your charges by plea-bargaining.

Apart from plea-bargaining, it might even be possible to use sentence bargaining where you plead guilty in lieu for lesser sentence. This needs a professional and experienced lawyer to help you find out what sentence you may get exactly in case you plead guilty for the charge.

Regardless of the severity of your case, hiring a professional and expert DUI lawyer from Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. can make a huge difference for your case. Visit their website to get the best legal advice in town!

Hire a best attorney to lead your case

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer specializing in the defense of individuals and companies who are charged with criminal activity. Some of the criminal defense lawyers are privately retained while others are employed by various jurisdictions with the criminal courts for appointment to represent indigent persons; the latter are generally called public defenders. Specifically, a criminal defends are those who have been anaccused for a criminal offense. These lawyers are responsible for representing people in court who have been accused of some form of criminal activity. In court the jury and the judge will be the one who decide if the accused is innocent or guilty.  A criminal defense attorney must have good knowledge about the court system works and also about the law. Normally after attending law school they must have many years of experience in dealing with the case. The criminal defense attorney can be appointed by the court if they are accused and they cannot afford an attorney or the defendant can hire them. A good lawyer can be very expensive they can even charge an hourly fee. A criminal defense attorney who is good and they will know the ins and the outs of a local court circuit and will also know which tactics work for each judge when they are attempting to get the case thrown out. They also know who has the power to settle different cases out of the courtroom. Some criminal defense attorneys will take only low profile cases while others want to work on big and high profile cases.

Criminal defense attorney:

If a person is convicted of a criminal offense, it can cause great deal of problems. They can lose credibility, career, family, job and freedom, among other things. It is therefore important to seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney to defend their rights. This is to say that it is essential to choose a reputable lawyer of they are charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime. Most of the studies shown, people who are accused and convicted for committing a crime are often not the people who perpetrated the deed. This happens because many people fail to seek the advice of a good criminal defense attorney. As imprisonment and fines slapped on during sentencing can impact one’s life for several years, working with Port Huron criminal attorney is of utmost importance to defend the case and it protects their rights and life. With the lawyers with several years of experience in this field will ensure that they are treated in a fair and equal manner in the court. They also guide them on what they can expert in the courtroom and what options are available to them. If a person charged with a crime in Port Huron or at the surrounding areas, they should know that they can rightfully hire the best criminal defense lawyer. They believe in the rights and protections of individuals charged with a crime irrespective of where it happens.

Budgeting for Retirement

Whether you’re 10 years away from retirement or 40, there are simple yet effective ways you can budget for your Golden Years. It takes time, patience and dedication but your efforts will pay off in the long run. Here are some ways in which you can stretch your hard-earned dollars further.

images (3)

Plan Out Expenses

It all starts with a plan. Making key decisions well before you retire will help immensely. Market Watch says you’ll need between 70 and 80% of your pre-retirement income to live on in retirement, depending on your lifestyle. If you’re fast approaching retirement, make a detailed list of all your current expenses and what factors will change after retirement, such as:

  • Travel
  • Health care needs
  • Living environment
  • Taxes

Set up regular appointments with your financial advisor or stock broker to come up with a plan of savings as well as a portfolio to help you reach your goals. In the same vein, keep the number of a securities fraud attorney in your back pocket just in case. Check out for easy tools to budget, or try a calculator like the one from AARP.

Know Where Your Income is Coming From

Understanding and analyzing your income sources is key, but you have to be diligent about it and make precise calculations – not blind guesses. Know what your social security benefits are at each age, such as collecting at 62 vs. 70. The Social Security Administration offers this quick calculator to input some numbers and get an idea of what you’d collect depending on age.

When calculating your income, don’t forget about long-lost savings accounts or 401(k) funds from previous jobs. If you know about inheritances you’ll be getting in the years ahead, go ahead and factor that in.

Nix the Frivolous Spending

Unnecessary spending will drain your budget for retirement more than you think. Once you’ve hit retirement or you’re very close, ditch all those frivolous expenses you won’t realistically need anymore. You may want to consolidate to one vehicle or one cell phone if you’re always together. You may not have to pay into life insurance anymore if your spouse would be OK financially without you. You may not even need disability insurance now that you’re no longer an employee.

A big way to boost the nest egg is to sell your home. Put the money towards a summer home, or invest in a 55+ community with a small condo. Or, use it to travel the world! The point is to have fun in your retirement. Whether you achieve that through rest and relaxation by your pool every day, volunteering in your community or taking frequent trips to see the grandkids, it’s money well spent.

Barnacle SEO – Why do law firms need to use it seriously to drive returns?

It is no more a secret that Google has always been showing interest in rewarding the bigger brands and the bigger law firms with increased search engine visibility. In the field of law firms, lawyers and attorneys, the competition is stiff and tough in almost search mediums and one of the greatest example of this is looking at the CPCs (cost per clicks) when you do PPC. If you search for a generic keyword which is related to any small business, there are high chances that your result page will include some listings which are non-branded like Yellowpages, Yelp and Facebook. The idea behind this is that they provide more value to users which perform generic searches as they provide you with high quality information, comparisons, reviews, maps and even more.

If you search for “Italian restaurant”, wouldn’t you want to see them according to price, proximity and ratings? Users will most probably not want to see the website of the restaurant while making that decision. Hence Google has taken steps to prioritize searches according to its algorithms. This is where barnacle SEO comes in.

The idea behind barnacle SEO

This is not the first time that barnacle SEO has emerged as one of the best tactics for local marketing. This is a term first coined by Will Scott in the year 2011 and the idea is for small businesses to hold onto listings on high ranking sites which are much like a barnacle that attaches itself to a ship. If you can offer a robust listing and profile on yelp, a small business can use this authority associated already with Yelp to rank higher than what they could within a website.

Searchers will tend to click on Yelp links to go through reviews and automatically Yelp will give them more information to select the business. For attorneys, this formula applies even outside Yellowpages and Yelp too. There are sites like Avvo, and Justia which are some of the frequently listed sites on SERP and hence it’s wise to have a complete listing including a link and profile back to the branded site.

Benefits of barnacle SEO

  • Acts as an insurance policy: There are numerous instances of law firms which have taken resort to shady link building tactics to game the search engines and they have all been penalized heavily. If your main source of income is from company case leads, you should opt for barnacle SEO as it acts as an insurance policy.
  • Increases site visibility: When it comes to law firms, lawyer SEO marketing is a vital part which needs to be focussed on. If you can track leads by source, you can measure your marketing campaign. If you have strong visibility on other properties, you can get more calls and click through to the man website.
  • Acts as reputation and trust signals: Sites like and give a place for the clients to leave the review on your behalf. When you have high rating on such sites, you’re more likely to be trusted by your clients.

Hence, after going through the concerns of this article, you must be well intrigued about the importance of barnacle SEO for law firms.

Responding to a Dog Attack

Dogs often make loving and wonderful pets, but sometimes they can become territorial and aggressive. Being approached by a large hostile dog is terrifying. Learn why dogs attack, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you become a victim.

Why Dogs Attack

Dogs do not naturally attack human beings. Poor social skills, anxiety, and mental illness affect dogs in ways that many people do not understand. When threatened or anxious, any dog can become violent, but behavioral problems are most often a result of neglect by their owners.

It starts with a dog being left on its own in a yard where strangers pass by. A dog has a natural tendency to bark as a warning to respect its space. When the dog sees that people leave the area, it reinforces the idea that the dog has power. Eventually the dog becomes more and more confident and aggressive. The dog will become willing to leave the yard to chase away strangers.

Deescalating the Situation

If you are passing by home with a dog, you will hear the barking first. The animal may attempt to block your path and bare its teeth at you. Do not panic or run. Any indication that the animal has intimidated you will only encourage an attack. Avoid making any sudden moves, loud noises, or eye contact with the dog.

Instead, stand sideways, and keep the dog in the corner of your eye. Place some physical object between you and the dog like a bicycle or a coat sleeve. Wait patiently for the animal to lose interest. A dog that cannot put you in a state of panic will become confused and back down.

Once the animal has stopped barking, extend an object like a walking stick, hat, or water bottle in front of you to create a bigger positive space for yourself. This makes you look bigger and communicates that you are in control of your area. Maintain your posture without becoming threatening or attempting to approach the animal. The dog will eventually leave.

What to Do If You Are Bitten

If it is too late to avoid a physical attack, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from serious injury. Large dogs have powerful jaws, and are heavy enough to knock you off of your feet. If you are on the ground, protect your face, ears, neck and chest. Your fingers are also especially vulnerable to injury. Keep them away from the dog’s mouth.

If it is unavoidable, the best place to accept a bite is on your shin or forearm. Bites to your thighs have an increased risk of blood loss. Once the dog has latched on, you actually have an advantage. Avoid pulling away from the animal as the struggle will only lead to more severe injuries. Try to reach behind the dog and lift its rear legs off of the ground. Unbalancing the dog gives you a chance to escape.

Laws About Animal Attacks

Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets. If you have been attacked, you have a right to compensation for your injuries. Seek medical attention, and document any treatment you receive. Include several photographs of places you were bitten. A lawyer can help you settle a claim against an owner. Oftentimes a home insurance policy will make a payment.

You don’t need to wait until you are bitten to take action. If you pass by an area with a hostile animal frequently, the local animal control agency can be dispatched to deal with the nuisance. Ideally the situation will be resolved peacefully, but local authorities have a responsibility to protect the public from a dangerous animal that cannot be controlled.