Corporate and Personal Representation for All Your Legal Needs

Today’s complex personal and business environments often require the services of a dependable and experienced legal team. Make sure to get the results you require and deserve with experts in the many legal fields of today’s modern world. Working with caring individuals who are highly focused on your case puts you in the position to feel a part of a team that is focused on reaching your goals.

Comprehensive Areas of Expertise

Working with a legal firm with a legacy of quality representation ensures that you are getting the best counsel available. Hanne and Co. Solicitors in London have been a trusted source for legal matters across many genres, providing expert services and successful representation. These qualities show in the caring dedication, talent, and job satisfaction your legal team exhibits throughout your experience.

Whether you are seeking services of a notary or are in need of in-depth criminal representation, every aspect of your legal needs is the complete priority of your counsel. Through referrals from other legal organizations, current and former clients, and from business and local community contacts, there is representation available for many types of legal issues. If you need assistance with probate and trusts, housing law, childcare law, employment law, commercial property issues, residential conveyancing, education law, criminal law, and fraud or family and divorce law, there are qualified professionals with the experience needed to take on your case.

Standing the test of time with over one hundred years of serving the community’s legal needs, you will benefit from the long-standing dedication of helping clients from all walks of life. With a focus on client care and integrity, you will receive the highest level of care and attention to detail, prompt communication, and confidentiality during all of your interactions. Continuing a tradition of providing legal services to all who need it, every effort will be made to ensure you receive all of the legal services you are entitled to in any way possible.

Affordable Payments and Options

While striving to provide the best representation for your money, there are several ways you can pay for your counsel. Your payment can be accepted by cheque, credit card (with a small processing charge), several debit cards, bank-to-bank transfers and internet bank transfers, BACS payments, and cash up to £750.

There is also a unique payment method that benefits not only your ability to pay, but also several charities as well. When a client makes a donation to a specific charity, legal professionals offer their will services at no charge. If you need a will, this is an affordable option and supports great causes by donating to highly respected charities.

In addition to the many options for payment, there are some cases that can be funded through legal aid. Inquire about whether your case is one that can be handled with legal aid funds and you will be given an opportunity to see if youqualify for this type of assistance. Every opportunity is available to provide you with affordable legal services.

Car Accident in NYC? Picking the right New York City Car Accident Lawyer Can Make A Huge Difference

Having an accident of any kind can be a very scary situation to have to deal with, especially if you sustain serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Car accidents can be especially scary and can result in serious injuries and even death due to the weight of the car and how fast they are going. Even if the car is only going 20 to 30 miles per hours, it can still cause a lot of damage, especially to a pedestrian.

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world, and people often try to hurry to beat traffic. When people are rushing then there is more of a chance for an accident to happen, and this is why there are so many car accidents within the NYC area.

Whether you are walking, rising a bicycle, or driving, there is potential to be seriously hurt when you are involved in an accident. When you are driving the chances of being seriously injured are much lower than they would be if you are walking or biking, but they can still happen easily depending on how you are hit and how fast the cars were moving.

All drivers in New York are required to have car insurance, but many times car insurance will not cover the whole financial burden of serious injuries. Being seriously injured in an accident will cause more than just physical injuries, and in many cases can cause emotional damages as well, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which is another thing that insurance will not cover.

After being injured in a NYC car accident, it is best to not even talk to any insurance companies without first consulting with a New York City car accident lawyer. The lawyer will tell you whether he thinks that you have a case, and if he thinks that you do have a winnable case, then he will take the case on.

Being involved in a car accident and sustaining serious injuries is hard enough to deal with even without having to deal with insurance companies and paperwork. This is why hiring a good NYC lawyer can save you a lot of time, stress, and worry so you have time to heal up so you can get your old life back.

Meet a Reliable Attorney For Complicated Legal Settlements

Complicated legal settlements take a lot of time. There is a lot of tension in the air and both parties to the suit prey for a speedy outcome. The success of any lawsuit actually depends upon legal representation. The facts and evidence of the case needs to be presented to the court of law and defended aggressively for success. Attorneys play a vital role in the success or failure of a case. They need to fight in the interests of their client. If they are not skilled or have a vast knowledge of the law at hand, they are bound to lose the case.

Another aspect of complicated legal suits is the amount of money involved. Attorneys will charge their representation and consultation fees as per the demands of the case. It is obvious that complicated law suits will make lawyers charge higher fees. People engaged in these suits wish the case to wrap up fast as it is not possible to incur heavy litigation costs every time. The services of a reliable and trustworthy lawyer will help parties to such litigations find a quick and convenient solution to their case fast. Anthony Coluzzi is one such attorney in New York City today.

The attorney has over 23 years experience in  fighting legal cases.  He is based in New York City. He is an understanding attorney who understands the plight of his clients especially when they are embroiled in complicated cases. He undertakes the case seriously and ensures his clients are aware of the progressive developments of the case at every step.  Many clients are not aware of certain legal terms and processes. Anthony takes pains to make them understand. He believes that his clients should be aware of the laws and the facts of the case should always be transparent between the lawyer and the client.

When it comes to his cases, Anthony Coluzzi gives his clients tailor-made solutions for their cases. He is a lawyer who will inform you on even the smallest developments of the case every day. Working with him is convenient and at the same time he is aware of the latest developments of the law and their modifications. His legal fields of expertise cover personal injury, debt collection and real estate laws. He is known to be a compassionate lawyer helping people with their cases. He is empathetic to their individual needs and the needs of their families as well.

He believes in vehemently defending the basic rights of his clients and this is the reason why people who have hired him for any complicated litigation are satisfied with the results. He is a hardworking attorney and always looks into the best interests of his clients.

Anthony Coluzzi is not only an empathetic attorney but he is an avid animal lover as well. He defends animal rights and ensures no injustice is caused to them. He is a responsible individual and at the same time highly revered and respected by his peers, clients and the courts of law in the USA.

How to get escape from drive under influence case?

In most of the countries drunk and drive cases are taken as so serious case and the punishments would be tough. In some other places the punishments would be not that tough and fine amount will be charged. However DUI is a serious case which can be turned into any adverse condition. If you are trapped in such situation of drunk under the influence case you would definitely need an attorney who could handle such critical situations easily and they can help you safeguard from the punishment in case the situation seem to be in the opposite direction of yours. you may also encounter a situation like the police are asking series of questions that seems not to be related to the case but it would be a hidden trap that makes you to get locked in your answer. You might be in confusion and tensed so you will concentrate on where they are taking the enquiry to make you to accept your fault. That would be the worst situation that no one can help you to take you from the trouble. In order to avoid such situations it is better to hire a DUI attorney for you. And moreover it is always preferable to have your attorney in contact often or you should select a personal lawyer already.

This would avoid the situation of searching an attorney at the time of accidents that you have caused or get caught when you have drunk and drive. Sometimes you may get caught even if you not drink but you have the opened liquor bottle in your car. And at the time of you get caught in the hands of police you will make to check whether you have drunken or not. During that procedure, if the result has come against you as you have consumed alcohol above the level which they have mentioned legally. If you have consumed alcohol more than the percentage which is mentioned as the limit, then you will be filed in the case of drunk and drive or drink under the influence case.

If you have own attorney, he will take care of the entire thing and he will look for the knock and corners of the situations that could make you to get escape from the punishment as well as they will help you to get a chance of proving your side truth to the police and the court. You should your attorney who has experience in this field for at least considerable period. The charge of the lawyer will be depend on the situation of the cases in which you are trapped and how he safeguard you from the case and also depends on the difficulty of the case. You can for such San Francisco DUI Lawyers t o safeguard yourself from the unexpected cases. Before hiring a DUI lawyer you should enquire them that they are specialized only in the area of DUI and make sure that they are not under the general category.

What A Real Estate Attorney In New York Does (That Everybody Overlooks)

A real estate transaction is a major deal. If you are planning to purchase, sell, or lease a property in New York, you should protect yourself and consult a lawyer. Not many people are aware of the work a real estate attorney does to ensure a transaction is clean. Even people who’ve worked with real estate attorneys may not fully appreciate the intricacies of everything their lawyer did.


Real Estate lawyers deal with litigations involving banks, building contractors, architects, insurance companies, or disputes between landlords and tenants. Building and remodelling agreements, budget disputes, and issues regarding materials and craftsmanship are also under their jurisdiction. There is a lot to consider in terms of handling anything real estate-related, regardless of how big or small the issue may initially seem.

There are two main types of real estate lawyers:

  • Litigation Lawyers – are hired for lawsuits involving real estate properties.
  • Transactional Lawyers – are for when you need to make contracts and agreements which involve real estate.

If you are purchasing a house or apartment, your realtor will help find the right property for you, but your real estate attorney will ensure you that everything is in proper order. Before you sign the contract, your lawyer can look it over, assess its contents, and ensure that your legal rights are upheld.

Sellers are obligated to reveal any potential problems with the property and your lawyer will know what to ask and inspect. Is the electric wiring, plumbing, and air conditioning systems in order? Was the property well-maintained? Are there any damages relating to termites, leaks, or other pests? A decent contractor or realtor will be able to handle these basic issues but there might be more complicated issues with the property that will need the expertise of a real estate attorney.

Is there anyone currently disputing property ownership? Is the property in the middle of an inheritance dispute? Is the property still under mortgage? What are the tax issues related to buying this property? If after purchasing a property, an issue that was not disclosed in the contract shows up, such as a broken pipeline in the bathroom, it could cost you thousands of dollars to fix, therefore also affecting the price you paid for the place.

A real estate lawyer can help you prevent such issues or represent you in court if it comes down to it. As a seller, you have less problems, but if a buyer comes back with a complaint you weren’t aware of, you may require a lawyer to verify their claims and see if the damage was through your fault or their own.

If you are purchasing a property for commercial spaces, you have even more reason to consult a professional real estate attorney near NYC. There are complicated zoning laws which restrict the kind of businesses which can operate in an area.

Your property could be zoned for selling food-to-go but not allow consumption on premises. You also have to be properly zoned for selling alcohol. You might be properly zoned for a bar, and have a stage built in the back, but find out later on that you are not allowed to have live music playing.

You may be planning to rent out your apartment but need a good, legally-binding lease. You may also want to prohibit your tenant from subletting your apartment. If you wind up with bad tenants, you will have to go through all the proper procedures before evicting them or you may end up with a fine yourself.

There are complicated matters when it comes to charging for damages, eviction, or violation of lease agreements. It is best to prevent these issues by hiring a real estate attorney who will handle these issues professionally and efficiently.

3 Solid Pieces Of Advice When Your Debt Overwhelms You

You’ve maxed out all your credit cards, your utility bills are on their final notice, you still haven’t paid your taxes, and you’ve developed an overwhelming anxiety every time your phone rings from all the creditors asking for their money back. You ask yourself how you ended up in this spiral of debt, but can’t figure a way out on your own….. Hopefully you will never have to get to that level of desperation, but if you have, or are trying not to go down any further, then it’s time for you to get some help! Start managing your debt by following these three tips:


#3. Make a record of your income and expenses

Whether you choose to do it on a notebook or a digital spreadsheet or a fancy app, an orderly record of all the money you earn versus what you spend it on helps you monitor your expenses and give you some perspective on what you’re doing wrong.

It will guide you on how to budget for your current and future needs and force you to make decisions on what you need to cut down on to stop bad spending habits. List down any recurring expenses you have (e.g. rent, mortgage, phone bills, utilities, tuition) the foreseeable ‘necessary’ expenses you can account for (e.g. food, transportation) and compare it to your monthly income.

Your foreseeable expenses should be well-below your income, otherwise it may be time to re-evaluate your standard of living.

#2. Prioritize debts which charge the highest interest rates

When you’ve got all sorts of different loans such as student loans, medical bills, credit card debt, mortgage, or promissory notes, it becomes difficult to figure out who you should pay first. Ideally, you should pay the debt which charges the highest interest.

Medical bills would probably be last on your list as these can be disputed or go through your insurance provider first. Student loans may also be bumped down in priority as it is understandably a long-term loan. Credit card bills are usually prioritized due to their high interest rates, but it can vary depending on your situation.

In desperation, you may have borrowed money from a lending institution at an exorbitant interest rate and find yourself saying, “I Can’t Pay My Debt in NYC”, which brings us to our final piece of advice,

#1. Get professional assistance to help manage your debt

It’s okay to seek help for managing your debt and there are plenty of organizations and professionals who can help you manage that debt. You might think that the cost of hiring a professional service will simply add to your debt, but that isn’t true.

They can actually help you stop accumulating debt, arrange payment plans with your creditors, stop the accumulation of interest on your debts, file bankruptcy, and provide other services that will put your finances back in order.

There are “Debt Consolidation Programs” they can introduce you to which allows you to settle your debts within a defined time frame, in an organized and secure way, stopping harassment from creditors and stabilizing your finances.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your debt, then it’s time you consulted a professional bankruptcy lawyer to help you stabilize your finances! Don’t let yourself get discouraged with pessimistic views; seek professional help and take the first steps back into financial freedom!